Custom Sim: Grace Randall

While this sim is actually based off a Sims 2 sim that I played, although I might give her a new name and all that when I get the game next week *squeeeee*  The original Grace Randall was related to the original Darren Randall (a remade Darren was posted already).  I don’t know if I’ll keep her as a relative or cast her in an entirely new role, but I do plan to use this sim in my upcoming serial story.


Grace’s aspiration to be a total Nerd Brain, and she has the Quick Learner bonus trait.  She’s also a Genius, Music Lover, and is Family Oriented.  She is a beautiful redhead, but her older sister is a hot blonde with a body that doesn’t quit, so Grace thinks she’s the ugly duckling of her family.

If you’d like to download Grace, you can find her in the Gallery by searching for my OriginID, Starwing6.

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