Custom Sim: Ariadne Stavros


Ariadne Stavros is one of my most popular sims, and I think it’s because of her look, her crazy hair, and her gorgeous name 😉  Ariadne means “most holy” and comes from Greek Mythology–hence the Greek surname for the sim.  Ariadne was created to be a pop singer celebrity type, especially popular among the teens and young adults of Sim World.  But don’t worry, Sims pop music isn’t annoying like the humans and their talentless pop stars 😛






Ariadne’s aspiration is to be a Musical Genius and she has the Muser bonus trait.  She is a little Gloomy, because it isn’t unusual for artists and musicians to struggle with depression at times.  In fact, this tendency toward sadness is the reason why Ariadne colours her hair is such a bright and cheerful colour.  Her other traits include Creative and Outgoing.  Ariadne is a sweetheart toward her fans, and she always has a moment to greet them and sign an autograph, or take a picture with them and just make them happy.

If you’d like to add Ariadne Stavros to your game, she can be download from the Gallery by searching for my OriginID, Starwing6.

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