Custom Sim: Dustin Hughes

This sim came as a result of simply wanting to create more gentleman sims.  Lady sims are always far more popular among sim artists, since the female form lends itself to art far better than the male form.  But I cannot abide by this!  I must create men for the ladies 😀




The rest of Dustin’s outfits were either unsatisfactory to me, or are subject to change when the full game is released.  Dustin’s aspiration is to be a Joke Star and he has the Gregarious trait to help with that.  He is also Good, Goofball and Self-Assured.  Hopefully this will be a good combination for a hopeful comedian!

If you would like to add Dustin to your game, he can be located in the Gallery by searching for my OriginID, Starwing6.

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