Custom Sim: Indra Moreau (with cc)

I broke down.  I collected, installed, tested and happily used custom content for the Sims 4!  I just got sick of not having enough variety for eye colours, and that lead to a few fashion selections as well.  I created a Tumblr blog for the sole purpose of keeping track of every single piece of CC that I ever successfully use.  You can find my Tumblr here.






Indra’s aspiration is Party Animal, and she has the Gregarious trait to help with that.  She’s also Good, Cheerful, and a Music Lover.  You cann find her in the Gallery by searching my OriginID, Starwing6.


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2 Responses to Custom Sim: Indra Moreau (with cc)

  1. Goretti Silva says:

    I tried searching for you on the gallery and nothing comes up under your name. Are you sure you shared the sim? I really wanted to play with her. She is very pretty.

    • Make sure you search for OriginID and then enter Starwing6. You need to be on the Community tab and then you need to click on the All link over on the top left (the options are All creations, Maxis made ones, and ones by people you’re Following). Sometimes it helps to make sure you sort by Most Recent. I hope you’re able to find her. I’ve been playing her all day today, and will soon have plenty of in game screenshots of her to share!

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