Custom Sim: Carolin Sunderhauf (with cc)

Left to Right: Casual, Formal, Athletic, Sleep, Party

My newest sim is based on a real life model, Carolin Sunderhauf.  I couldn’t get the sim to look exactly like the real woman due limitations of the CAS tool and the genetics available.  I did get as close as I could with the use of custom content.  All the CC I use is posted in my Tumblr.

Carolin’s aspiration is Party Animal and she has the Gregarious bonus trait.  The other traits I gave her are Geek, Music Lover and Outgoing, because I thought that would make her a fun sim to play with.  She has the Feminine walk style of course.

If you’d like to add Carolin Sunderhauf to your game, she can be found by searching the Gallery for my OriginID, Starwing6.

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