Custom Sim: Peyton Lookami (with cc)

Left to Right: Casual, Formal, Athletic, Sleep, Party

Here’s my latest sim, Peyton Lookami, and she is sporting some special custom content that I collected for my Sims 4 game.  Anytime I use CC on a Sim that I upload, it will be clearly marked as containing CC.  You can find links to all the CC I use in my Tumblr.  You can always find the link on the right sidebar of this website, as well as on my Profile page in the Sims 4 Gallery.

Something funny about Peyton is that she is the most persistent randomized challenge sim I’ve ever seen!  Some EA premades come up repeatedly when you click “Start Over,” but this sim kept coming up when I clicked the Randomize button after starting over!


Peyton aspires to be Fabulously Wealthy, and she has the Business Savvy trait  to assist with that–although I’m not sure how much that’ll help her.  She is also Lazy, Materialistic and Noncommittal.  I don’t think anyone should judge Peyton too harshly though–you know how kids are these days!  They’re often sheltered from any real responsibilities and protected from any opportunity to experience failure, so they don’t necessarily understand that success comes from hard work.  In time, I think Peyton will figure that out 😉

If you would like to download her, she can be located in the Gallery by searching for my OriginID, Starwing6.  Peyton includes custom content, but if you do not have the content that I used, those items will be replaced by default alternatives.

P.S. How do you like this format for the posts?  I thought it would be nice to show all the outfits in one image, and then the headshot for a better idea of the sim’s face.  I will probably post my sims in this format from now on, so please let me know what you think of it.  Thanks!


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