Custom Sim: Persephone Marchand (with cc)

Left to Right: Casual, Formal, Athletic, Sleepwear, Party

Persephone Marchand is a very special sim who will play a central role in my upcoming serial blog stories 🙂  She’s a very mysterious and secretive woman, but you can know the basics of her personality at least.  She aims to be Fabulously Wealthy and she has the Business Savvy bonus trait.  Her other traits are where things get real interesting: she’s Gloomy, Evil and Romantic.

If you’d like to download Persephone Marchand, you can find her in the Gallery by searching for my OriginID, Starwing6.  Persephone does include custom content, which you can find by visiting my Tumblr.  You don’t need the custom content to download her, she will simply have a default eye colour and some outfits may be changed.

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2 Responses to Custom Sim: Persephone Marchand (with cc)

  1. Whoppi40 says:

    Hi enkeli! Looking forward to your upcoming serial blog stories allways fun to read!

    • Thank you! With rotational gameplay back in the Sims, I thought a serial drama was just the thing! So I played the first of my Dynasty families for a sim week and will write their story over the weekend. I got some great shots and some good drama even though it’s just a few days! LOL Then I will introduce more characters until my town is full of Dynasty families and attractive friends/lovers 😉

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