Pregnancy and Weight Management in Sims 4

Now that I have the Sims 4, I thought I would post something that I experienced in my first day of play.  Above you will see my lovely volunteer, Skylar Randall.  She recently took a pregnancy test and discovered that she’s pregnant!  The wonderful news did cause Skylar a slight bit of concern, however, because she knows that all sims in the world are expected to remain thin.  What’s a lady sim to do?

Of course, Skylar headed to the gym over in Oasis Springs, since they specialize in ladies’ fitness.  Skylar jogged and chatted with several of the local ladies.  This isn’t the best angle, but you can see that Skylar has a lovely hourglass figure.  I created her with her hips as wide as her upper torso.  All Skylar wanted to do was maintain her weight and fitness during her pregnancy!

After chatting with some of the ladies and exercising for about an hour, Skylar got off the treadmill and headed to the bathroom to take a quick shower, so she could make it home in time for her children to get out of school.  That’s when I noticed that an hour of jogging was just too much!

I was so shocked!  I posted these pictures on the official forums right away, but no one had any help or advice.  They all just clicked the LOL button.  Poor Skylar got a lot of LOLs for her disfigurement, but I for one am not laughing!  (Okay, maybe a little.)

I documented the phenomenon throughout the remainder of Skylar’s pregnancy.   Skylar never jogged more than 30 minutes a day after the incident at the gym.  Here she is during her second trimester.

Good thing I didn’t post those pics, or Skylar would have earned double the LOLs.  You see, she looks normal from the side–her baby bump is developing well.  But from the front, she looks like Trauma Barbie.

It was around this time that I accepted this distortion is a small price to pay for the ability to shape our sims’ bodies exactly how we want them!  I wouldn’t ever want to give that up 😀

So just be warned, especially thin waists do look strange on a pregnant sim.  Furthermore, the whole reason Skylar was jogging during pregnancy is because I’ve read a lot of posts on the official forums (while waiting for the European release day) where players reported serious difficulty managing their sims’ weight.  Some had sims get ridiculously fat in a matter of days without doing anything to cause it, and other players had sims that developed Herculean muscles by accident.  Weight management and body sculpting are challenging in the Sims 4, and I suspect this will need fine tuning.

For the meanwhile, do not let your sims be lazy if you want them to stay fit.  Send them to go jogging for 30 minutes a day (more than that is only necessary if a sim needs to drop weight).  Weight lifting and strength exercises will build muscle and should be avoided if you do not want to bulk up.  To maintain the definition your sim already has, 20 to 30 minutes of strength training per day should suffice.  I haven’t studied the punching bag enough to know its effects in your sims’ fitness program, but I will get back to you on that when I know 😉

Skylar is an active sim and she does get upset if she isn’t able to do a little exercise every now and then.  I had allowed her 30 minutes or less of jogging during her pregnancy, and after the baby was born I could see that she really needed time to recover from the incident at the gym.  For several days I would only allow her to jog long enough for her whim to be satisfied, which is between 5 and 10 sim minutes.  Skylar’s hips and waist finally did recover, so if you ever push your sims too hard, just keep exercise to an absolute minimum until your sim recovers.

I’m sure they will fine tune the weight and muscle gain and loss matters over time, but I’ve found some good techniques that have kept all my sims in good shape since this experience.

I let my sims go jogging (not on the treadmill, just around the neighborhood) once a day.  They will stop on their own when they’re finished, and this is typically all they will need to maintain their figures if they do not overeat or eat something fattening.  It doesn’t take long and the results are pleasant.  My other pregnant sims have kept this routine during pregnancies and had no weight gain or loss to worry about after the baby was born!

Foods to avoid or keep to a minimum include: hot dogs, hamburgers, any kind of cake and cookies, and quick meals.  I think that milk is whole milk, by the way 😉  Your sim can enjoy these foods but may need an extra jog or something.

The punching bag does not appear to develop muscle, though I haven’t let a sim use it for a whole day or anything.




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