Sandtrap Glam (2 Beds 2.5 Baths)

I uploaded a lot to the Gallery today.  It’s called Sandtrap Glam and it’s actually a remodel of the “Sandtrap Flat” lot that comes with the game (found in Oasis Springs).  I’ve been moving sims into existing lots and changing them up before building entirely new lots on the vacant spots.  I hope you will enjoy this remodel.  It’s quite the substantial upgrade, compared to the original lot!

Here are some more screenshots of the lot.

You’ll see there in the backyard is the bar from the “Life of the Party” digital content.  I’m not certain if that content is required for downloading this lot, but I would suspect that if you didn’t get that with your base game, then a basic bar of similar size would replace the special bar.  Please let me know if that’s not the case.

Here are some shots of the interiors of the house.

There’s currently 2 bedrooms in the house and another room that’s designed as an office/study at the moment.  It could easily be turned into a baby’s room, a home gym, etc.  Likewise, the card game room pictured in the last screenshot could be used for other hobbies or a small family room, etc.

This lot is 30 X 20 and is intended for use in Oasis Springs.  Some of the bathrooms from this build were also uploaded to the Gallery separately, so keep an eye out for those too if you’re interested in some contemporary style pre-built rooms to add to your collection 😉

If you’d like to add Sandtrap Glam to your game, you can download it from the Gallery by searching for my OriginID, Starwing6.


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