Uncertainty Principle: Chapter 2

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After telling her family members about her pregnancy, Skylar Randall absolutely needed to see her best friend, Indra Moreau.  Indra lived in Oasis Springs, which is only a fifteen minute Tube ride from Willow Creek.  Skylar knocked and Indra came to the door wearing a brand new outfit.  “Whoa, Indra!  I love your sweater.”

“Thanks!  I ordered it from the internet and it actually fits me–can you believe that?”

Skylar couldn’t wait a second longer and blurted it out, “I’m pregnant!”

Indra let out a girly squeal and Skylar joined in for a split second, then Indra commented, “No wonder you look so boobly today,” and giggled.

“Well that’s actually the reason why I’m dressed for the gym,” Skylar revealed.  “I don’t want the rest of my body swelling up!  Wanna workout with me?”

“Yeah, but come in for a bit.  I’m expecting someone.”

As Indra sat down, Skylar suddenly felt awkward.  “If you’re expecting someone, I can just go by myself.”

“Don’t be silly,” Indra protested, “It’s just this guy I’ve been dating and I want you to meet him, but then we’re going.  You just sit down and I’ll make us some lemonade too, okay?”

Skylar smiled and relaxed, and the ladies chatted and gossiped while Indra prepared her remarkable mixed juice.  Soon Indra’s gentleman friend arrived.  “Well hello, Don,” she greeted him at the door.

“Hey baby,” Don replied in a flirtatious voice, “you must be a light switch ‘cuz every time I see you, you turn me on!”  Indra giggled at his cheesy line and flashed a coy pose before inviting him inside.

“Don, this is my friend, Skylar.  She dropped by with super big news, so I’m going to spend the day with her.  I hope you don’t mind.”

“Yeah, no, that’s cool,” Don replied, completely failing in his attempt to act as if he didn’t mind.  Indra noticed it for sure, but acted like she did not.

“Skylar’s having a baby,” she said, “so we’re going to hit the gym.”

Don laughed to himself.  “I got some perfect lines about baby making, but that would be just plain wrong!  Congratulations, for real.”  Skylar thanked him and Indra gave him permission to hang out at her place while they went to the gym.

After an hour on the treadmill, Skylar headed to the shower to freshen up.  She cried out to her friend, “Oh my God, my hips seem to have shrunk!”

“I have problems too,” Indra gasped as she tiptoed awkwardly to the ladies’ room.

“I’m serious, Indra!”  It sounded like Skylar was close to crying in the shower.  “I’m really worried that Darren doesn’t find me attractive anymore.”

Indra quickly used the toilet and washed her hands while Skylar dried off.  She told her friend, “I hardly doubt he’s got any problems finding you attractive–you just got pregnant.  You’re having mood swings.”

“I don’t know…  You know him, can you swing by my place and just see if you notice him act any differently?” Skylar requested.

Indra didn’t hesitate or worry about Don waiting for her, and she dutifully listened while Darren talked to his wife about her day.  She watched them flirt and he surprised Skylar with flowers to celebrate their pregnancy.

Knowing that Skylar would soon want her opinion, Indra excused herself and went to the other room.  Jack Randall was dancing and she joined him, not knowing that the little boy had a huge crush on her!

Indra showed Jack a few cool moves, then he went to do his homework as soon as his mother came in the room.  Indra told Skylar, “Everything seems great with Darren, he got you flowers and everything.”

“You’re right,  I’m being silly.  Thanks for coming over though!  Have a nice time with Don.”

Speaking of Don Lothario, he was still waiting around Indra’s place when she got back, and he too had a flower.  “Oh Don, thank you, that’s so sweet.”

“Well you know, Indra, if I had a single flower for every time I thought about you, my garden would stretch beyond the known universe.”

They kissed for the very first time.  Then Don said, “Maybe this isn’t the best time for me to tell you, but I don’t really want a commitment.  Errr… I hope you’re okay with that?”

Indra knew all along that Don was a player; she isn’t stupid.  She left him feeling nervous and just turned and walked away–knowing full well that he would follow her like a lost puppy.

“What makes you think I want you to be my boyfriend or something, Don?” she asked him in an alluring voice.

He followed her straight to her bedroom.  Don was feeling pretty good about his game.

Don truly didn’t know that he had met his match!

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4 Responses to Uncertainty Principle: Chapter 2

  1. Cindy says:

    OMG great story so far. I can’t wait to see Darren ends up cheating with the blonde or staying with Skylar. Now to find out who out plays who Don or Indra? Love it

  2. The tube ride is a great idea for connecting Willow Creek and Oasis Springs… and makes sense with the loading screen, lol.

    Don’s flirty comment about having enough flowers to stretch beyond the known universe was pretty catchy for him, I hadn’t pictured him being quite that clever, in my game, but really he is quite good at getting women, isn’t he? I’m thrilled that he’s met his match and will enjoy seeing that dawn on him.

    • I needed to deal with the loading screens, and the Tube has another purpose as well, which will be explored more as the story goes ever deeper into the mysteries of reality and quantum physics.

      Don often messes up his pick-up lines, but that one was good enough to get him kissed… and more! Quite successful line, that one! lol

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