Uncertainty Principle: Chapter 3

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The first trimester of Skylar’s pregnancy went very smoothly.  She took excellent care of herself and made sure to get enough rest while the kids were at school.  She even started writing a children’s storybook in her spare time.

By her second trimester, things were getting a lot more difficult.  Darren’s work hours were so demanding and the maid they hired to help out was the laziest servant!  Skylar still ended up doing most of the cleaning.

“We’re eating salad for dinner again?” Jack complained as he grabbed his bowl.

Skylar felt like scolding him and telling him he should be thankful that she prepared a healthy meal for him, but she just scrubbed the countertop a little harder.  “I’m sorry I didn’t have time to make your favourite tonight,” she said instead.

“It’s okay, Mom,” Iris reassured her.  “Your salads are the best!”  Jack agreed and offered to finish the cleaning for her.  After dinner, Iris asked, “Why isn’t Dad around much anymore?  Shouldn’t he be taking care of stuff for you?”

“Your Dad’s really busy up in space!” Skylar bragged and pointed upward for dramatic emphasis.  “They need him to fix the ventilation system on their fancy space station.”


“It is awesome, so we need to be really supportive of Dad right now, okay?”

Darren got off work and decided to go to the bar before going home.  He’d had the worst day at work, but when he stepped off the Tube platform near the bar, he spotted Daria Sayansky.

“Daria!” he greeted her enthusiastically.

“Hello, Darren!” Daria smiled brightly at him.

“We really need to quit meeting like this,” he joked.

Daria laughed and explained, “I’m actually performing here tonight.  I’m really glad you could make it.”

Darren stayed and listened to Daria sing all night.  When her shift finally ended, she sat down next to him and asked if he enjoyed her singing.  “It was truly amazing, Daria.  I’m really not just saying that.”

“Thanks.  You know, I wanted to be a rock star,” she sounded slightly sad when she said it.  “But I’m just so lucky.  I don’t mind being a lounge singer.”

“No.  I bet it beats life in the camps.”  Darren felt awkward the second he said it.

“The fields, actually,” Daria corrected him, “and you don’t have to feel bad about it.”  Darren let out a sigh of relief, and Daria asked him about his work.  They chatted about his work on the space station, but he wasn’t bragging.  Darren confided in her about a problem he was having with one of the astronauts.

They talked until dawn.  “Oh my goodness, look at the time!”  Darren stood up.  “I had such a great time talking with you, Daria.”

He took her hands and kissed them softly before he even realized what he was doing.  He instantly dropped her hands again.


He never even finished that sentence; Darren just walked away quickly.  His guts were churning and as he stepped into the Tube, he felt like crying.

He composed himself during the ride home, and when he got there, Skylar greeted him.  “I think I’m about to go into labour, honey!”

“What?  Right now?”

Skylar laughed melodically.  “This never gets any easier for you, does it?”

“No, Sweetheart, it’s definitely not any easier for me.”  Darren rubbed her shoulders and simultaneously berated himself for acting like such a hustler.

Skylar turned around and saw the look on his face.  “Darren, what is it?”

“It’s…”  Darren took a deep breath and said, “I already told Bradford I’d put in a double shift.”

“No!” she whined and pouted.  “He can’t do this to you!  We’re having a baby.”

“He can and he did.  I’ll stay with you as long as I can.”

When her husband had to leave for work, Skylar couldn’t help but cry before she rode the Tube to the hospital alone.

Skylar brought their new daughter, Lily, home in the evening.

Lily’s proud big sister came to see her before bedtime.  “Hi, Lily!  I’m Iris.  We both have flower names.  That means we’re going to be best friends, you know that?”

“Here, I made this picture for you.”  Iris hung the picture above Lily’s bassinet.

Later that night, Darren got home and went straight to meet his little girl.  “I’m sorry I couldn’t be there when you were born,” he said as he cuddled her.  “I promise you I’ll be the best father ever.”

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7 Responses to Uncertainty Principle: Chapter 3

  1. jadeaffeldt says:

    Awh, this is so good! I really enjoyed the little scene between Iris and Lily, so cute 🙂

    • Thank you! Goodness, I love sim babies so much! I am really glad they have legs again, and I hope they’ll update so we can do even more fun things with the babies 🙂

      • jadeaffeldt says:

        I agree! I think they’re really cute in this game, and I like the interactions so far. I just wish they could be taken out and such instead of being tied to the bassinet. Also, I finished reading the Uncertainty Principle last night. I was trying to sleep, so I could finish it earlier in the morning, but I couldn’t sleep until I finished it lol.

      • Let’s hope they’ll put out a game update that frees up the baby for a lot more interactions! Still, I am loving what we can do with them now–it’s so much better than the way Sims 3 babies were 😛

        I’m sorry that you stayed up late reading! That’s wonderful feedback of course, but I feel bad about that 🙂

      • jadeaffeldt says:

        That would be awesome! And I agree, they are better than babies in sims 3. When I saw how many little interactions you could have with them, I was excited.

        That’s fine! Just take it as a compliment and don’t feel bad lol I still got enough sleep!

  2. It was so cute to have Iris give baby Lily a picture above her bassinet, great idea! And I agree, yay for babies with legs and so many cute interactions. I do hope they free them from the bassinet in a later update. I also love how you used the Enthuse about Space (was it?) interaction for Skylar to let the kids know the great things their dad is doing.

    I am starting to see what you mean about Darren, not being an easy answer. He’s majorly flirting with disaster in his marriage, but hasn’t taken the leap to be technically unfaithful. Still, he’s leaving so much on Skylar, I really feel for her and am pretty much seeing him as a jerk, albeit a guilt-ridden one.

    • I love the young sims so much. I wish the babies weren’t stuck to the bassinet, but I do love playing with them even now because they have legs and clothes, and the interactions are cute. I want to play with them more though and do want toddlers and maybe even preteens to be added!

      I believe the pointing up to space was a completely different interaction, even though they do that same animation for enthuse about space. I think they were just discussing interests, and Skylar was interested in space after Darren enthused about it with her.

      I can’t speak ill of any character, as I love them all, even the one who upset me so…

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