Uncertainty Principle: Chapter 4

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Darren went to see his best friend, Joshua Lords.  “I need your help,” he pleaded.

“With the woman from the nightclub–I know…” Joshua nodded and thought for a moment.  “You know why I didn’t interfere that night when you met her, right?”  It was Darren’s turn to nod knowingly, and Joshua continued talking. “Implementing this initiative is going to be hard, but you and I both know it’s best for the community.  To make things easier, the mayor set up a project called Harmony House for the newcomers.”

“And that helps me with my problem how exactly?” Darren wondered.

Joshua laughed.  “It doesn’t!  It’s just that they moved in a bunch of people from the camps and while they’re at Harmony House, they’re supposed to get acclimated, find a job, all of that good stuff,” Joshua explained.  “So anyways, I profiled all the newcomers, and there’s this girl who is a one hundred percent perfect match for me!  I’m on my way over there right now.”

Darren chuckled and teased his friend.  “And I thought you would only use your superpowers for good!”

Joshua did go straight to Harmony House, where he chatted with the Head of Security and a few of the new residents, until the secret reason for his visit finally walked into the room.  Her name was Clara Arnesen.  Joshua introduced himself and asked how she was enjoying Oasis Springs, then he casually offered to show her around personally.

“…And this is where I live.”

“You live in this big house all by yourself?” Clara questioned.

“It wasn’t always that way,” Joshua replied, “but yes, now I live here alone.  I inherited my family’s entire estate after the war.”

He grilled hot dogs when she got hungry, because he knew exactly how to connect with Clara without scaring her away.  She was completely at ease with him in no time, and she was already falling for him.

After they ate, Joshua made his move and kissed Clara for the first time.

She swooned and he said, “You must think I’m a complete loser, living all alone like this, but it’s only because I didn’t have the right person to share my life with.”

“Oh my God, are you kidding me right now?” Clara asked.

“No.  I’ve never been more serious in my entire life!  Will you marry me?”

“Yes, Joshua, I will marry you.”

They laughed and they kissed, and they completely lost themselves in their romantic emotions.  They were overcome by their passion in very short order.

When Clara literally threw herself at Joshua, he certainly took no offense, but he did gently put her on her feet and said, “Not until you’re my bride.”

Clara blushed and asked, “Do you mind if I take a cold shower?”

He told her the bathroom is at the top of the stairs, and she took him seriously.  He followed quickly and stopped her at the top of the stairs.

“I mean for you to be my bride now, Clara,” he explained with a kiss.  “I give you my heart, my body and my soul, from this very moment!”

“Until death do us part,” Clara promised.

The two lovebirds would soon discover they had all the time in the world, but on their first night, everything moved so fast for them that it was magical.

Clara looked depressed in the morning when she got up and found Joshua working on the computer in another room.

“My darling, love of my life, what’s the matter?” he asked.

“I feel so stupid!  I’m so sorry,” Clara began.  “I wasn’t thinking last night.”  Joshua’s heart nearly stopped beating.  He sat beside her and she looked like she might cry.  He held his breath and waited for her to say it was all a big mistake.  She said, “I took a test and found out that I’m pregnant.”

“Oh thank the Watcher!” Joshua sighed.  “I thought you were going to break up with me!  But a baby… a baby is perfect!”

He kissed her and shouted, “YES!”

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8 Responses to Uncertainty Principle: Chapter 4

  1. Cindy Rodriguez says:

    Omg now your Making this story too juicy. I can’t wait til tomorrow to see what else happens. I’m involved and invested in this story now.

    • That’s what I like to hear! I spent a year waiting to play this game, so I’m really happy to be able to finally bring this story out 🙂 I’m so glad you’re enjoying it so far.

  2. jadeaffeldt says:

    I really like the romance between Joshua and Clara even if it was very short. Sometimes that happens! Anyway, I really like Clara’s character. She’s very distinct 🙂

    • Oh thank you! Most of the time, relationships take a lot more time to develop, but Joshua had quite an advantage 😉

      • jadeaffeldt says:

        That’s true 🙂 My relationships in the sims tend to move very fast anyway. I had to try to drag Jane’s out…lol But Joshua and Clara are definitely cute together and seem right for each other!

      • I like to drag out a sim romance whenever I can, but I played that chapter early in September when the game was so new, and I just had to know how quickly two sims could meet and become soulmates. It’s the most fun challenge I’ve come up with for this game yet 😉 lol

  3. Is Joshua for real? He seems a little fishy, and there’s the allusion at the beginning to his powers… With this post, the whole story seems to be getting quite a bit more complex with the camps subplot, and now Joshua and Clara added in to the mix with the precipitous romance.

    • Joshua is for real 😉 No one has ever asked me that! LOL Things take a turn between this and chapter 6 for sure, as this was the point where I could begin to hint at those things that are unknown.

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