Sims 4 Cheat Sheet

For those moments when you draw a blank and just can’t remember the cheat code you need!  Of course, to enter any cheat code you must first open the cheat console by pressing the CTRL, Shift and C buttons together.  A little white rectangle opens along the top of your screen and you can type your cheat codes there.  When you’re finished, close the cheat console by pressing the Esc button while the console is active.  (If pressing Esc doesn’t close the cleat console it’s because the console wasn’t active; just click on the cheat console and press Esc again.)

Codes & what they do

help    >    shows a list of basic cheat codes available

freerealestate on    >    enables you to move a family into a house without spending any money, great for setting up extras for your stories or quickly get into a new game (consider it a mortgage and you can always pay it off later by using another cheat to take funds away from your sims)

freerealestate off    >    makes houses cost real simoleons again, although you rarely will ever need this cheat, as the code turns itself off after you go into Live mode anyhow

testingcheats true    >    turns on the testing cheats

testingcheats false    >    turns the testing cheats off again

cas.fulleditmode    >    after turning on the testing cheats, this code will enable you to use all functions of the Create-A-Sim mode to edit the sim once you select them by pressing Shift and the Left Mouse Button at the same time, then select “Modify in CAS”  (NOTE: If you use this code to give a makeover to some townie, it will add the sim/their household to your list of Played Households.  This could be an undesired outcome, so be aware.)

bb.showhiddenobjects    >    allows you to access hidden objects in the DEBUG category (use the search bar in the build & buy mode and type in **  DEBUG  ** to see all the hidden objects in the game after using this cheat)

bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement   >  unlocks all the special reward content like career rewards, which is extremely helpful for storytelling and decorating!  I like to unlock the stuff in gameplay, but I also enjoy adding these items to public lots I build or sets for stories or videos, so I’m very grateful for this cheat code 🙂

bb.moveobjects  >  this is the move objects cheat many players are familiar with from past versions of the Sims games.  It enables you to move objects closer together than the game normally allows, and that makes decorating and landscaping more visually appealing.  Just be sure to play test your creations before uploading them to the Gallery 😉

sims.give_satisfaction_points #  >  adds the set number of satisfaction points to the selected sim  (replace the # with the actual number of points you want to add)

resetsim {first name} {last name}    >    take out the {} symbols and put the actual full name of the sim that needs to be reset because they are stuck in an action or glitched somehow (currently, Sims 4 does not allow us to reset all sims by using the * instead of a sim’s name, but hopefully they will bring that functionality back with a game update, as it can really help)

death.toggle true    >    makes all sims immortal by turning off death

death.toggle false    >    makes death possible again if you had turned it off

kaching    >    adds §1000 to the household funds

rosebud    >    also adds §1000 to the household funds, for the Sims 1 nostalgia 😉

motherlode    >    adds §50,000 to the household funds; great for major renovations, but should be used sparingly, as having too many simoleons can reduce the fun factor of the game

sims.modify_funds {number}    >    take out the {} symbols and put an actual number there to add that amount to the household funds, or us the – sign before the number to remove that much from your household funds.  Example sims.modify_funds 100 will add §100 to the household funds, while sims.modify_funds -100 will take away §100 (useful for simulating mortgage payments after using the freerealestate cheat)

aspirations.complete_current_milestone    >    this code completes the current stage of your selected sim’s aspiration if it’s bugged or otherwise problematic for some reason

hovereffects on    >    turns on the obnoxious white highlight whenever you mouseover a sim or object, in case you need that for some unknown reason or you just want to remember how horrible it was!  LOL

hovereffects off    >    turns off the highlight again if you needed to use it for some reason.  The hovereffects can be turned off permanently following these easy steps, and then just turn the effect on briefly if you need it for something.

headlineeffects off    >    turns off certain effects above your sims’ heads, but doesn’t seem to be working the way it should.  I generally use this to get rid of the plumbobs when recording video or taking certain screenshots, but I’m still having the plumbobs when I use this cheat.  The thought and speech bubbles no longer show up in videos or screenshots, so I really don’t know what the use of this cheat is at the moment…  I’ll update when this cheat actually hides plumbobs because that’s useful for certain projects.

This list does not include all the cheat codes in the game, nor any cheat codes introduced via third party mods.  These are official EA cheat codes that you might want to use.  I will add to the list as new cheats are released or uncovered in the code by other players or modders.  If any of these codes are not working in your game, it’s probably because it came with a game update and you need to update your game to have that function available in your game.

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