Sims 4 Default Eye Colours

Yesterday’s game update (Version 1.0.732.20) added 5 new default eye colours to the Sims 4.  I already use some bonus eye colours that are custom content (see my Tumblr for more details and download links for all the custom content that I use in my own game) but it’s really lovely to get even more!  These new eye colours are a welcome addition to even an expanded or enhanced collection of eye colours, I think.

Here are screenshots showing all 18 current default eye colours available in the Sims 4, modelled by Bella Goth.  The new eye colours are called Dark Blue, Dark Blue Hazel, Grey Brown Hazel, Olive Green Hazel and Purple by EA in the patch notes; I’ve pointed the new ones out in the captions below, using the descriptions provided by EA.

New shade in this image is Olive Green Hazel (bottom right)

New shade in this image is Dark Blue Hazel (middle left)

New shades in this image are Dark Blue (top right), Grey Brown Hazel (middle right) and Purple (bottom right)

As you can see, they did add some much needed variation in the transitional shades, and they added a nice exotic purple.  I am really grateful for the new eye colours and I hope they will continue to expand the collection so that custom content options become redundant–I would prefer to keep a fully CC Free game, but I just couldn’t do with only 13 eye colour options!  18 is certainly better, but I can’t let go of my CC eye colours until EA provides a ghost blue/white, grey, black, yellow green and pale yellow options 😉

Are you satisfied with these eye colours?  If not, what do you want to see added to the collection?

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