Aging Alert!

Just a heads up for any of you who are playing the Sims 4 with aging off.  There’s a bug, and I suspect it may have come with the latest patch.  Despite having aging off for my played households and the townies, my sims had their “Days till age up” stat change from 20 to 19.  I went back to an earlier save that was made when the husband was at work and the wife at home.  At midnight, the husband’s “Days till age up” remained 20 but the wife’s stat changed to 19.  So I had to go back to an earlier save where both of them are at home and have the proper 20 days stat.  If the bug persists, I’ll just have to stop playing that save until this is fixed 😦

Keep an eye on your sims’ ages if you have turned aging off!

I believe I may have triggered this bug by loading an earlier save (a pre-patch game that I wanted to make a post-patch save for), or it could’ve been triggered by going into the “Manage World” mode and making some changes to a couple of lots.

Anyways, I have no answers regarding this issue, I just wanted to inform you of it.  Please share if you have any additional information or experience with this issue–perhaps we can figure it out together.  Thanks!

All right, this is an actual bug that was introduced with the latest game update, and I didn’t trigger it.  I guess that means it cannot be avoided.  There’s a bug with Aging Off that manifests in players being unable to age up their baby sims if they had aging turned off, and of course, the unwanted aging.

Here is a post by SimGuruGrant explaining how to age up your baby sims, and here is a follow up where he replied to me about the aging off matter.

So I guess all we can do now is wait for the next game update.  I did start a new game to play in the meanwhile, and I did play a few sim days with her and like her very much, yet I just am not feeling it.  It’s never fun to be forced to switch gears like that when you were having a perfectly wonderful time playing the way you wanted to prior to a game update.

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