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After some incidents back with the Sims 3 Exchange and copying of my work back then, I wasn’t sure if I would even use the Gallery, to be honest.  The lovely “Created By” feature gave me a false sense of security, though, and I did upload.  I was forced to with the CAS Demo anyhow, but I should’ve pulled all my sims once the full game launched.  I don’t know if my favourites have been stolen and stripped of my name, as I only found proof of one of my creations being stolen.  I took screenshots of the stolen work and my original, but I decided the action I would take would be to protect myself in the future.  Therefore, I will no longer be uploading my sims creations to the EA Gallery.  I will upload EA stuff that I’ve modified in some way or just rooms, but I will not share any sims or completed unique buildings.

I did modify an EA pre-built gym and turned it into a Bar venue for gamers.  It’s called “The Grind” (because grinding is something gamers do as well as those at dance clubs) and has card gaming tables for n00bs on the main floor, with computer and virtual games in the other room on the main floor, and then a bar and a room for the serious card gamers on the second floor.  Since that was originally an EA building, I don’t mind if someone downloads it and does all their voodoo to strip my name from the upload, because it was EA’s hard work that I just tinkered with.  Likewise, if someone takes a bathroom or bedroom that I share, and they build the whole rest of the house themselves, I don’t even need credit.  A thank you would be cool, but I am not going to complain about that.

I will continue to showcase my creations here in my blog, and it may be possible to share files through other methods than the EA Gallery.  Please do not refrain from asking about such options if there is a creation of mine showcased in this blog that you’d like to download.

I would also just like to warn those of you who are working hard on your Sims creations: if it would bother you to see someone take credit for your hard work and deliberately take steps to strip your name from the file, to get around and abuse the system that EA put in place to provide credit to the original creator of a work, then do not upload anything important to you to the EA Gallery.

I was tempted to add this one to my Rants & Opinions category, but I’m not annoyed enough to have a colourful opinion or a good old rant about it yet.  Tell me if this has happened to you, and show me examples, and I’ll definitely start drawing attention to the problem.  I’m just the kind of person that if I’m the only one victimized, I’ll defend myself and warn others, but if it becomes a widespread issue, I tend to consider my offense capabilities.

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