Uncertainty Principle: Chapter 9

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After hearing some disturbing gossip, Indra sought out Persephone.  “I heard you met that new girl, the one from the camps,” she said.

Persephone nodded and stated, “She seems quite nice.”

“I heard she was like a skeleton,” Indra explained, “and it freaked me out!  The townies are being transferred to the camps.”  Again Persephone nodded.  “But what about Don?  Is he going to be without food?  Or suffer in any way?”  Indra needed to know.

“It is true that there are unfortunate circumstances in some of the camps, but I’m sure Don will be sent to one of the good ones,” Persephone replied.

Indra couldn’t accept that answer.  “What can I do?  Is there any way I can prevent this?”

“Possibly…  If he was your spouse, perhaps an exception could be made.  Of course, I am in no position to make any promises.”

The suggestion was enough to give Indra hope, and she returned home with plans to call him up and do whatever it takes to get him to marry her.  She was very surprised to see Ricky Jordan pounding on her front door when she arrived.

“Oh my God, look who it is!” she said with exaggerated surprise.

“Hi Indra,” Ricky replied with a friendly smile.  “Is it all right if I hang out with you for a while?”

“Uhm… sure.”  Indra unlocked the door and let him in, with a growing sense of wariness.

“I thought that we might be able to be friends,” Ricky explained as Indra brushed passed him like an Arctic wind.

She couldn’t help but laugh.  “Are you kidding me?” she mocked him.  “You have never once called since we broke up, nor accepted any invitations to my parties and you know how important that is for my work!  If you wanted to be my friend, you would’ve come to the Museum Gala, at least to support me.”

“You’re absolutely right, Indra.  I’m a jerk, that’s why I don’t deserve to be your boyfriend anymore.  You made that perfectly clear to me the last time we spoke.”  Ricky calmly sat down and said, “Nonetheless, I thought it was worth a try to make peace with you.”

Indra sat down across from him.  “All right then.  I’ll play along.”

“Did you hear that Joshua met a girl and married her about seven hours later?” Ricky asked.

Indra nodded.  “I did hear that, from Clara herself when I catered her baby shower.”

Ricky tried to think of a way to convince Indra that sarcasm was unnecessary, but he was saved by a rather timely knock at the door.

“So you want to be friends, eh?” Indra mused as she went to answer the door.  She recognized Don’s heavy knock, and was expecting delightful fun to follow.

She flung open the door and greeted Don.  “Ooooh, Don!  It’s such a surprise to see you.”

“Hey baby girl… you got company?”

“Not until you showed up,” she cooed.

She invited him in and began flirting with Don ceaselessly, so Ricky finally got up and went to put on some music.  He was quietly impressed by Indra’s mastery with Don, when he overheard her pull a cheesy line on him.

“You know, Don,” she said in a seductive voice, “I’m pretty and you’re cute.  Together we’d be pretty cute!”

Don mumbled weakly, then whipped out his cellphone.

“Now it’s official,” Don declared and pressed the button to take their photograph.

Ricky was obviously watching the whole scene, but that was how each of them intended.  Don wanted to demonstrate to Ricky that Indra was “his girl,” while Indra wanted to show Ricky she was over him.  She was unable to provoke Ricky into a jealous fit, though.

Finally she invited Don to spend the night and promised to get rid of Ricky.  Don made himself at home and Indra went to find out what Ricky’s reaction was.

“What you’re doing is unnecessary,” Ricky tried to explain.  “I’m not into you anymore, so I’m not jealous about your muscle-bound boyfriend.”

She laughed at him as she began to dance to the music.  “Oh really?  It definitely sounds like you’re not into me anymore, Ricky.  But whatever, that wasn’t for your benefit.”

Ricky started dancing with her, and soon Don returned from the bathroom.  “Baby girl, are you playin’ me?” he questioned.

“No, definitely not!” Indra said and scowled at Ricky.  “This fashion victim here is my ex, and I just wanted him to get the point already.”

“Don’t worry, Don,” Ricky added, “Indra is all yours, if you want her.”

“This is creepy.  I think I should leave.”

“Please don’t leave, Don!  I love you,” Indra blurted it out.  Then she ordered Ricky, “You, go home!”

“You don’t have to tell me twice, I’m going,” Ricky said in a sad voice.  “I’m sorry, Indra, this isn’t what I meant to happen.  I really want to be friends someday.”

Indra seriously doubted Ricky’s claim at the time, but when she discovered her trashcan kicked over after he left, she knew he was still the same possessive, controlling, and vindictive old Ricky.  She just hoped with all her heart that her own foolish antics wouldn’t scare Don away.

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  1. What to say?! These three are certainly not boring. I’m wondering why Ricky really wants to be friends, if that’s true.

    The camps makes the plight of the townies so ominous!

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