EA Forces Political Content On Users

On October 1, 2014, less than one full month after the release of the Sims 4, EA released a game update.  That game update included some new eye colours I showed you earlier, ghosts (now that’s really LOL, I’ll explain soon), introduced terrible bugs like the Aging Bug and the Wide-Jaw-Squity-Eye Bug (otherwise known as the Aging Genetics Bug), and a political agenda you may not have been aware of.*

I didn’t know they added this political content because it wasn’t shown in their patch notes here http://help.ea.com/en/article/the-sims-4-updates/  For the sake of it, I’ll just screen cap it right now, since they very well might be editing that post rather soon.

So you can see that this does not say a word about adding a new T-Shirt.

Yesterday I was playing around in CAS (looking into that Aging Genetics Bug issue) and I saw a T-shirt I didn’t recognize.  I was concerned that it was CC that had come into my game somehow, because I didn’t download that!  It’s in English and all.  So I went to the Official forums, checked a few threads that distracted me, and noticed a user had their sim in their avatar wearing the shirt.  That’s when I realized it wasn’t something I did wrong, it wasn’t the Gallery leaking CC into our games, it was a moment to Google It.  So I did (but maybe you should wait before you do, I’ll get to that).   I found out that the American President launched an initiative to end sexual assault.

I became upset pretty much immediately upon watching the PSA video on the official YouTube channel for the campaign, and I posted on the forum about it.  (I wasn’t thinking that I could actually contact customer service about how to remove a T-shirt, I thought the best place to ask was the forums.)  Anyways, one kind member of the community answered my post to say there isn’t any known way to remove content, but some modders are working on that over at ModTheSims, so maybe I could ask them.  Another person advised me to contact customer service, so I did.

I received a startling response from the EA Customer Experience/Origin Help Center.  It’s not at all my first time contacting them about a problem with my game.  I know how they roll, and usually you need to fight with them to get a serious issue passed to a higher department.  This time, I didn’t even need to ask.  I told them the matter, and I didn’t even get a single scripted “go away and play” type of answer at all!  The first thing was “What game is this?”  LOL  (You do have to select the game and the platform before you contact them!)  But anyways, they took it serious and that surprised me.  I got my issue escalated three times without hardly saying a word other than “thank you” and “okay” since explaining the matter.

After the hour-long serious discussion, I was told the game pretty much has to be recoded to get rid of the American President’s new agenda.  They were trying to guilt me into accepting the free content at that point, I think.  I asked for an ETA on that, because I wont just shut up and go away (more on that also).  That’s when they gave me a special code, to buy me off or something?  But the one I was interacting with by that point was so nice and apologetic that I wasn’t going to reject the only thing he could do to try to make it up to me.  It’s the thought that counts.

Now that I’ve told you this story, you might be like “What?  I don’t understand what the problem is here?”  So why am I upset?  I’m not against the idea of preventing sexual assault; I’m pretty sure that the only people against that are perpetrators of sexual violence.

The short answer is: that EA has rules barring us, their customers/official forum users, from ever expressing a political or even slightly off topic thing in their forums, or in our avatars, or our signatures that go with our posts, but yet they can stealthily insert highly political content into our game less than one month after release, without any way to remove it or anything.

Furthermore, it’s a political agenda of the American President.  He loves this slogan too!  He used it in 2012 when he was campaigning for the office he now holds.  You can find that on his own YouTube channel, if you can handle visiting that one.

So now if you’re wondering why anyone would want a campaign slogan for the current American President taken out of their computer game, you might want to just skip down to the very bottom of this post where I say something in super small print.  The rest of this is far too political for you, but perhaps if you agree that politics should stay out of games, you might want to ask for your refund.  Just tweet using #Sims4RefundNOW

Now that the sheeple are either scrolling down or gone away…

First I must insist that you be careful when googling the American President.  One must be prepared mentally and spiritually OR be asleep before they attempt such things.

Things to explain from earlier:

EA Added Ghosts LOL so did the American President, and he’s really amazed at how good he is at it.  You might want to Google his name and “brags about being good at killing” or if you’ve already read too much, watch this video below with caution.

My apologies if you hate RT because you’ve been told to.

Also, why shouldn’t I just shut up?  I mean, EA even gave me a special code for Origin LOL

My apologies to you if you just woke up and are really upset right now.  I did warn you.  I know I’ve never been having these types of opinions in this blog, but my Sims were never invaded by politics in this invasive manner before!  My sims have always been safe from that American President–even at their wedding parties, the Reaper never came for the entire wedding party and all the guests, by way of a remote-controlled drone.  Again, Google with caution.

One last thing, why this campaign is upsetting in itself, because I think you know why the American President isn’t welcome in my Sims game.  This matter will take another post to fully explain because it isn’t just promoting the American President, and collectivism, and perpetuating white-male-guilt, or outright blaming you for your friend getting raped, it’s also about the slogan itself.  I will actually need to make another post though, because I need to provide evidence that will prove it.

Since I’m forced to wait for them to recode the game, I might dress some sims in that T-shirt to make them dance to the creepiest dance music you’ve ever heard, and post videos on YouTube making a lot of people think about EA and their political agendas…  I will need to kill sims for that though, forgive me.  Stay tuned.




*Although, to their credit, they did fix it so child sims can’t get flirty anymore… though, probably because they wanted to enforce the “It’s On US” campaign, and it would be highly politically incorrect to do that while allowing the pedophiles to abuse child sims in their new game (oh yeah, incest apparently can still happen though, yuck!!  EA thought it wasn’t important to add a Family Tree and perhaps the programming that used to go along with that, but that’s another rant for another day).


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4 Responses to EA Forces Political Content On Users

  1. Kathleen Jones says:

    Can you tell us the code to get rid of this t shirt then?

  2. werner von werner says:

    So….what your saying is, if I support sexual assault awareness, I am supporting president obama? What kind of silly logic is that? You can’t just support something without it being a highly political agenda? If you know math then let me tell you- this is reactionary x999999999999999999, and then multiplied by the square inch diameter of the solar system.

    It’s not even like you had to pay for it, seriously I’m into politics as well, but you have to be able to separate what is political agenda and what is, well not political agenda. “Collectivism, and perpetuating white-male-guilt, or outright blaming you for your friend getting raped,” do you feel like you have something to prove? Honestly you expect them to recode the game, just because you have an irrational fear of “collectivism” and that shirt is going to take away all your freedom?

    Sad scared and stupid.

    • No, I think you did not take the time to read what I’ve written because you came here with a closed mind and a predetermined idea. A person can definitely be against sexual assault, or FOR AWARENESS, whichever way you look at it, and it doesn’t have to have any political agenda. I’d love that if this was free of political agendas!! But, since it is a campaign slogan from his 2012 campaign (if not sooner), then it is not just a name he picked for this awareness campaign. You say you’re into politics, but clearly you are not, or you would be aware of his 2012 campaign. I encourage you to educate yourself on the matter.

      I see that you’ve come here to try to be a troll, you would love to start an argument, but the problem is that you simply are not intelligent enough to debate the issue with. You actually don’t have the ability to think for yourself, which is why you will attack people who have a different opinion than you do.

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