It’s On EA

Hey, here’s a new video, featuring bloopers and deleted scenes from my last video, and the amazing “It’s Not on US (DJ PlumDiddy Remix)” by FriendlyTimo 😀    Of course, only Sims forum users will get that joke.

So yeah, I say it’s definitely on EA!!  They are even allowing trolls to run amok on the official forums.  There was illegal imagery on the site the other night, which traumatized me and caused me to cry until my husband was able to comfort me.

According to SimGuruHolms, when responding to another user’s request to add some type of restraints to prevent these ongoing troll attacks (on October 8, after EA joined this It’s On Us campaign), “Honestly the best way to stop trolls is to ignore them.”  Which is a lot like saying, “Look the other way,” especially when those trolls are posting content that is definitely criminal.  (Incidentally, in the same post, he demonstrated that he knows the word “draconian,” so I guess he learned it from his own overlords there at EA!  LOL)

I’ve contacted him via Twitter, since he is also apparently responsible for design, and I figure this T-shirt is his fault, or he’s the one to fix it, since he wont fix the dirty perverted criminal troll issue on the Official Sims Forum.

*stay tuned for more!*

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  1. FriendlyTimo says:

    Hey I really like the video you’ve made! Good job!

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