Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat Available

Hey everyone!  The first DLC “game pack” for The Sims 4, “Outdoor Retreat” has finally arrived!  (There was also a game update released today, which is probably required, but it also fixes the excessive twin problem that’s been going around, so I highly recommend taking the update too).

new clothing for males in the game pack

some of the new clothes for males

Anyhow, I am currently in-game with a few special sims that are going on their first camping trip, so I will soon have some custom screenshots and neat things to tell you.  But first!  I thought I would help you out in case you run into any trouble with purchasing this game pack.

You can buy the game right from inside your Sims 4 game, but that doesn’t work for me because the Origin Store defaults to Finnish language and I need to use it in a browser that has the Google Translator tool available to me 😉  So I went directly to the Origin Store through my browser.

Unfortunately, no matter what I did after successfully purchasing the content, I couldn’t get my game to recognize it!  The email I received was also in Finnish language, and the instructions translated to “Go to the Origin client My Games tab, and then click the Download button on the game you want to play.”

That is not how to do it!  LOL  I ended up contacting Origin Help and spoke with a great advisor named Krissa, who helped me even though I was really annoyed with how many things I’d already tried on my own…  Anyways, the proper way to get your game to download your content if you purchased it from your browser is to go to your “My Games” tab in Origin and select The Sims 4.  Beside the Play button is a button marked “i” for Information, or More Details.  That will open up a new window that shows more details about The Sims 4 and all the downloaded content, including any DLC awaiting download 😉

some female clothes in the game pack

some of the clothes for females (only center hat from the game pack)

So yes, I’m sure all of this could’ve been avoided if I’d only been able to master the Finnish language… but you know, it is much more difficult than Simlish!!  So I hope this helped you get your awesome new game pack if you were having any troubles, like me!

Check out more screenshots and details about the gameplay in my new short story/gameplay review, An Outdoor Retreat.

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