An Outdoor Retreat: Part 2

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The woman slept until just after 1000 hours, but she let her partner continue sleeping when she got out of the tent because he definitely deserved a good rest!  She urgently needed to use the toilet, however, so she jogged up the path toward the public bathrooms.

As she reached the facilities, she saw another camper coming down from the higher trails, so the woman decided to slow down–rather than display any weakness.

She wanted to just look casual, but that other camper scooted right in front of her!

“Hey!” the woman cried out.  “I was here first.”

“Not anymore,” the other camper sneered.

“Oh come on, I really have to go!”

“Then why don’t you go behind a tree, missy?  You’re just a twig anyways–no one will see you.”

The rude camper went ahead into the bathroom, and the woman had to do more than hold her bladder–now she needed to hold in her seething hot rage!

She managed to keep her cool by sneaking into the men’s room (a handy trick your sims would do well to remember).  The woman was spotted doing it, and she wasn’t sure if they could get kicked out of the park for something like that.  “You and I aren’t finished yet,” the woman promised the other camper, as she took off to jog and work out her anger a little.

“Oh my, is that a Dire Chinchilla?” she wondered with glee when she spotted a furry little creature hunkered down near the bushes.  “Perhaps the females are lighter in colour,” she pondered.

Unfortunately, you cannot capture Dire Chinchillas (or squirrels, if you insist on giving them a boring name); at least, there was no method the woman could find to interact with or capture the majestic and legendary creature.

Back at the campsite, her love woke up and discovered that his clothes had accidentally ended up underneath the tent or something–he was unbelievably filthy!  The §10 showers in a bug-infested shack are actually a blessing at times like these.

His girlfriend seemed to sense that he was awake, despite being across the campgrounds and far out of sight.  “That’s almost spooky,” the woman told herself.  “The intensity of our bond… or is it just me?”  As she began doubting the reciprocal nature of their connection, her mood turned even darker.

Meanwhile, her lover reached the facilities and was thinking of nothing more than getting the grime off himself before she could be disgusted or repulsed by him.

As he showered, his ladylove was still jogging and encountered the rude camper once again.  It must’ve been karma at work, for even the Watcher was thrilled with this free will turn of events!

The woman jogged by the rude camper, who shouted out, “Hey, slow down!”

“Excuse me?” the woman questioned as she stopped and spun around in her tracks.  “I’m trying to jog here–which you ought to do once in a while.  You know, you could try being less fat instead of saying mean things to thinner people!”

“And you could try taking things a little less seriously!” the camper retorted.  “You know, that’s how we do things around here.  We don’t run around like the world is gonna blow apart any second if we don’t get somewhere on time, or if we’re fat, or even if we have to go behind a tree, like any other natural being in these woods!”

“Well, that sure was a mouthful!” the woman joked.  Could it be that people in Granite Falls really are that different?  The answer was right in front of her face, of course, so the woman extended her hand, asking, “Friends?”

“Friends indeed!” said the rude camper, just before their hands made contact.  Then a thousand volts of electricity jolted her hard enough to make her produce a weird sound while her tongue flopped around in her gaping mouth.

The woman hoped to transfer all her negative emotions through the small implant in the palm of her hand, but it can only cause temporary physical discomfort.

“I’m sorry,” the other camper said as soon as she was let go.  “I will never call you names again.”

“See that you don’t,” the woman recommended, then walked toward the picnic area nearby.

She had one of the leftover baked potatoes with her, and it was still good, so she decided to eat.  After a moment, her conscience began to bother her.

Sadness overcame anger, and she just sat there and pouted for several minutes–until she heard the bathroom door bang, followed by her favourite voice shouting, “Get off me!  Cursed… Die!!”

She looked up and saw him, battling those pesky bathroom flies!  He quickly noticed her too.  He waved, saying, “There you are, sweetie!”

“Hi,” she called back to him, and he could hear a little laugh in her lovely voice.

“These bugs are crazy, don’t you think?” he swatted at them as he asked.  “I saw some berries back that way…  How about I forage for a while, and see if I can make some bug spray for us?”


“All right.  Let’s meet back at camp at 1200 hours!”

He was already headed in the direction of the berries he’d pointed to when she replied, “Aye aye, Commander!”  Then she sighed and forced herself to take a bite of her pathetic potato.

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