An Outdoor Retreat: Part 6

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As their cooler caught on fire, the woman pointed and screamed.  Her partner calmly looked at her and asked, “Where is the fire extinguisher?”  The woman was panicking, so her sweetheart firmly commanded her, “Route to safety!”

She quickly followed him away from the camp.

Once they were at a safe distance, the man stopped and put his hand over his heart to calm himself, while the woman immediately apologized for the fire.  “It’s not you’re fault,” he said to her.  “Thank goodness you’re safe!”

The fire raged out of control.  No park ranger rushed to the scene to save the couple or the campsite.  As the woman caught her breath, the man quickly evaluated the scenario.

“All right, no one is coming,” he explained to his beloved.  “We can’t just let the fire burn, so I’ve got three plans.”

The woman thought, “I love that about you!” but did not interrupt him.

“First, let’s check if there’s an emergency fire extinguisher inside the tent,” he suggested.  Unfortunately, his girlfriend didn’t stay to listen to his other strategies!

“I’m on it!” she said as she dashed back toward the camp.

He stayed with her to protect her, but before they reached the tent, she came to a dead stop.  “The fire’s spreading!” she complained.

“Route to safety!” he reminded her, and led her away again.

This time, he gave her instructions as they moved away from the fire.  “Now I’m going to keep an eye on the area and stop anyone from going too near.  You run as fast as you can to the ranger booth, and take the fire extinguisher!”

She followed his instructions to the letter, and returned to the scene with fire extinguishers for both of them.

“I got two!” she boasted as she handed one of the fire extinguishers to him.

“Thanks, sweetie!”  He began fighting the flames erupting from their tent.  She struggled briefly, and he explained to her, “Interact with the flames directly, not the tent.”

“Oh yeah!  That’s really working,” she cheered as they started getting the fire under control.

When the tent was only burning on one side, she moved around her partner to fight the fire more effectively.  He was so impressed and flirted with her, saying, “You look like you could handle a minigun!”

She laughed a little, and playfully disagreed.  “I’m a lover, not a fighter.”

He was about to make an inside joke when he saw they had finally defeated the fire.

“Wow, did we just save the forest?” she asked him.  They both felt a powerful surge of confidence from overcoming that inferno.

Her boyfriend nodded quietly and pointed out, “Tents and coolers can easily be replaced, but this forest would’ve been completely consumed in a matter of hours.”

He became suddenly romantic, and they waltzed without music for a moment.  Then he looked deep into her eyes and asked, “Can we put this little mishap behind us, and continue with a moonlight hike?”

“That sounds magical!”  She accepted his romantic invitation, and they left their camp.

They took the path leading down toward the lake.  At the end of the path was a large sign for the campgrounds, and the woman was going to walk along the beach.

“Wait sweetie,” he spoke up.  “I noticed something on the map.”

“What?” she wondered.  “Something more romantic than a walk along the beach, with starlight reflecting off the water?”

“Yes, absolutely.”

She approached the large map and tried to spot what he meant for their hike.  “I can’t guess, please show me where we’re going.”

“Yes, of course.  I apologize,” he said as he stepped up to the map to show her.  “You see, if we go along the beach, the route here gets dangerous.”  He pointed to a steep, rocky area.

“It’s safer–and more romantic–to take this route northwest, through the forest…”  She watched him trace out the route he wanted to take.  He also showed her the alternate, “If we need to come back quickly, we can turn south here, and be back at camp in fifteen to twenty minutes.”

They set off on their romantic hike through the forest.  The route turned out to be as romantic as the man wished, and the moon lit up the trail they followed.

As they approached the area of interest, the woman rushed ahead of her boyfriend and they became separated.  He quickened his pace and listened to every sound in the forest to locate her.

He tracked her movements through the forest and discovered that she’d gone ahead of him to save time.  He had been correct about the area of interest: there were structures in the area, including public bathrooms.

To the left of the restrooms was a fire pit with some chopped log benches surrounding it.  The man decided to take a seat and relax while he waited for his girlfriend to use the facilities.

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(In the event of a campfire accident, sims do not need to do anything special to acquire a fire extinguisher, but you do need to interact with the flames instead of the item that is on fire.)

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