An Outdoor Retreat: Part 10

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After sharing a delicious lunch of sweet and spicy baked potatoes, the couple decided to pose for a picture before leaving Granite Falls.  “This has been the nicest few days I ever spent outdoors in my whole life,” the man said as he snapped their photograph.

“Me too,” the woman agreed, although she had a different perspective of outdoors.  She had no memory from before her rescue and recovery in the hospital, so even the backyard at their house in Oasis Springs was outdoors for her!

“This one is definitely going in our romantic collection,” he declared when they checked out their photo.  They were working on a special romantic book together, where the pages were painted and decorated by each of them, and they included photographs, love notes, and little bits of paper that meant something to them.

Just thinking about it made her blurt out, “I cannot believe how lucky I am to be with you!  Sometimes I get scared and almost trick myself into not believing it…  Thank you for never letting me lose myself.”

She hugged him tight, and he whispered to her, “You are my soulmate.”  Their embrace was warm and felt perfect to them both, but they couldn’t stay.  The man finally suggested that they get rid of any leftovers and take one last jog through the campgrounds together.

“Did you know that there’s at least one Dire Chinchilla in this forest?” the woman asked as they jogged away from the campsite.

“A Dire Chinchilla?” he questioned with extra incredulity in his voice to increase the fun of the conversation.  “I hope you didn’t try to catch one for me!”

She giggled.  “No, of course not!  I read a book about them once and they’re too magical.”  A moment later, they saw a familiar character.

“Sorry, we can’t hang out now,” the man said to the bear as they continued running by.  “We’re leaving today!”

“Bye, Bear!” the lady waved sweetly.  “See you another time!”

The woman was beginning to wonder where her love was leading her, but they headed toward the lake so she guessed they were going to the beach.  “It’s not much farther,” he told her, as if he’d sensed her questioning thoughts.

They took another turn and he heard a familiar bird song.  He stopped and whispered to her, “Somewhere around here is a magnificent Blue Crested Tern.  I spotted it while I was fishing.”

They walked softly for a moment, but the bird was startled anyhow and flew away from them, across the lake.  The woman barely caught a glimpse of its striking colours as it escaped their view.

“Let’s hurry then, just a little farther,” her fiancé suggested, and they continued along the path overlooking the crystal clear lake.

The woman pointed out other birds, “Look above, babe!  There’s an eagle, and by the water’s edge, I see some ducks, I think?”

He stopped and admired the scene.  “You’re right, they’re Snowy Angars.”  She was impressed by his knowledge of wildlife, but she just admired them in silence for a moment.  He broke the quiet by stepping closer to her and saying, “Thank you for this retreat!”

“Thank you too!  I know you have to go back to work, but it meant so much to me to have extra time with you these last few days.”

He kissed her and purposefully ignored the mention of work.  He didn’t want to think about work right then.

“Listen, I brought you to this spot for a reason,” he explained to her.

“I know, it’s got to be one of the prettiest spots in this entire park!” she claimed.

He agreed.  “That it is, but I brought you here to ask you something…  How would you feel if we bought this house?”

She had no idea that he’d taken her there to look at the house!  She could only respond by asking, “This house?”

“Yes, this one,” he answered and tried not to laugh when he noticed some townies struggle with their campfire across the way.

“I know we couldn’t stay here all the time,” he continued.  “We’d live in Oasis Springs, but we could come here when I get time off.”

“It sounds great, but can we afford it?”

“I think I can work something out,” he replied.  “Isn’t the real question: can we afford not to?”

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“I mean, I feel more relaxed than I ever have.  I’ve never seen you so happy either!”

“You’re absolutely right about that,” she confessed.  “I’ve never been so happy.  If we can make this our home away from home, I can’t tell you what it would mean to me!”

“Then we’ll do it,” he declared.

She leaned in to kiss him sweetly as the moon began rising above the treeline.

The man pulled her closer for a more passionate kiss.

She rubbed his strong shoulder and reached up to caress the back of his neck, when he suddenly dipped her and gave her the most romantic kiss of her entire life.

He held her and kissed her beneath the twilight sky.  Just before she shut her eyes, she saw the first star of the night appear above them, and she made a wish.

When he stood her up again, she wondered, “I guess that’s it?  Our retreat is over now?”

“They say all good things must come to an end,” he said with a sigh, “but I say they don’t have a clue what they’re talking about!”

The End



(This short story was created for the purpose of exploring the first Game Pack DLC for Sims 4, and to share some tips about the new gameplay and new location.  This story has also been a Prologue for a full-length story about these characters, where you will learn all about them and their past, and see how things turn out for them.  When that story begins, I will link it here!)

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7 Responses to An Outdoor Retreat: Part 10

  1. Jes2G says:

    I have sooo many theories! No, I will not share them lol.

    • LOL! But I told you–I never gave any real clues to help you to know… I’ll get on with their story soon enough and it’ll all be more clear! Actual hints in this blog go back very far, so if you were noticing a certain thing popping up again and again, and then it did in Uncertainty Principle, that would put it all into perspective for you 😉

      • Jes2G says:

        I do! But, I’m not certain of what I’m seeing.

      • Then you probably got the only piece that was given before, and you’re on the cusp of understanding the connection, but I will do my job and confirm that and give you the rest of the story very soon! You see… it all goes back to when I knew Sims 3 would end. At that time, I began a story to explain the end of Sims 3, but bugs prevented the story from completion 😦 So now I must explain the end of Sims 3, and why some important characters do not remember what happened. 😉

  2. Such a unique and wonderful way to present this new Game Pack to us! I loved every step of the journey and I can’t wait to see these two cuties make an appearance once again, especially because I’m dying to see the rest of their story unfold. Such a creative endeavor! ^_^

    • Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed this demonstration of the DLC in story format–I probably wont do that again unless I have a story in mind already. These two were just being prepared for their story when the DLC came out, and it gave me an opportunity to try a new technique for introducing them 🙂 Thank you so much for your feedback and support in that!

      I honestly cannot wait to tell the whole story, and play these characters a lot more! I promise, after I put out a couple new chapters of Uncertainty Principle, the new story will debut and I can alternate between them. 🙂

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