Uncertainty Principle: Chapter 26

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Darren took Daria’s hands in his, and gazed into her steel-blue eyes.  He was about to begin his wedding vows when he noticed a little commotion going on to the left.  He began improvising a romantic speech for his bride, while his friends assisted Indra.

Ricky prevented her from going inside the kitchen, and Persephone dragged her back up to the gazebo.  “Now sit down, and stop being rude!” Persephone whispered.

“But this whole thing is rude!” Indra whined quietly.  Persephone just clenched her fists and shook her head at Indra.

Darren was finally able to begin his vows to Daria.  He told her, “I believe you and I were brought together by fate, Daria.  I honestly thought my life was perfect before I met you,” he said with a chuckle, “but everything changed when you came into my life.”

“I vow to stand with you to face any challenge that comes our way, and to protect you in every way I’m able.  I vow to love you, honour you and respect you; never withholding any part of my self or my life from you, for the rest of eternity!”

Daria sang her vows to Darren, very soft and shy at first.  “When I was all alone, you took the time to say hello.  I know it meant nothing, but I could never let you go.”  As she built up to the chorus, her voice grew stronger.  “Something about you, there’s something about you.  Heaven forgive me–I love you, I do!”

She sang her heart out for Darren and their wedding guests; singing the ballad she used to sing in the shower when she was pining for him.  It was a beautiful song, and her emotions came through in the most meaningful performance Daria would ever give.

Indra sobbed openly, but tried not to ruin the touching moment.  Her feelings were so conflicted, because she could see that Darren and Daria were in love but she wanted to hate Daria–to take all of her admiration and affection for Skylar and twist it inside out, into a hurting and hateful curse upon Daria!

She didn’t even mind when Ricky reached over and gently squeezed her right shoulder, as if to say, “It’s all right.”

The bride and groom exchanged rings and Persephone cheered first, then demanded, “Kiss already!”

The newlyweds enjoyed their first kiss as husband and wife, while their friends clapped and cheered for them.  Even Indra applauded before they all tossed confetti and streamers at the bride and groom.

“Thank you for the song,” Darren said to his new wife as their guests celebrated.

“I’ve been waiting a long time to sing it,” she revealed.

“I imagine that’s going on your new album though,” he replied playfully, before leaning in and kissing her on the cheek.

Daria laughed and answered, “Of course, but I haven’t let anyone else hear it before today, so I can still fix it if there’s anything you thought sounded off.”

“Don’t change it,” he suggested.  Finally, he turned to his guests and said, “Let’s get the party started everyone!”  Persephone and Ricky both hooped and hollered like they used to back in college, and Indra managed to stop crying at least.

As they walked, Darren explained a few things to Daria.  “In the District, we have two types of family law, and you just married into a Dynasty.  The Randall Dynasty is a patriarchy, so only a male heir can inherit the estate.”

Daria listened carefully and Darren continued to explain, “The thing is that you’re also eligible to start your own Dynasty, if you want to.  Joshua looked into the legalities of it, and you could start a matriarchal Dynasty, if you decide to keep your family name.”

“So if I have a daughter, she could inherit my estate?” Daria questioned.  Darren nodded, and she said, “I think that’s the best thing to do–that way, I don’t have to sell the house.”

Darren added, “And our daughter would live next door when she grows up!”  At last, their friends had reached the back porch, and Darren cut the wedding cake he’d baked for them.

Daria shot a canister of confetti to celebrate too–it was her first time ever using one, and she was shocked when it went off and almost got glitter and ribbons on the cake!

Darren made an inappropriate joke, but thankfully, only Daria heard it.  Behind them, the other happy guests fired their confetti cannons.

Daria walked around to the opposite end of the table and took a seat, saying to her husband, “I’m feeling a little tired.”

“Are you all right?”  he wondered, knowing she was in a delicate condition of course.

She nodded, “I just need to catch my breath.  I’ll be inside in a moment.”

Darren took his slice of cake and said, “All right.  Don’t be long!”  Then he led his friends inside to eat cake and enjoy more drinks from the open bar.

Darren grabbed a drink for himself and sat down.  Ricky didn’t take anything to eat or drink, and he teased Indra about selecting toast instead of wedding cake.  “Are you still fussing about every single thing you eat?  Worried that your gym-rat boyfriend wouldn’t want you if you got a little squishy around the edges?”

“Ricky, just when I think you might be turning a corner, it’s just right back to the same…” she stopped herself from cussing.

Just then, Daria came in and overheard an opportunity to try to befriend Indra.  As she sat at the table, she said, “Don’t mind him, I’m skipping out on the cake too.”

Persephone was curious about what Ricky said and questioned, “You’re still seeing Don?”

Indra ignored the question because she was shocked by Daria’s statement about skipping cake.  “Oh puh-leez,” she groaned.

“Are you seriously going to keep up this charade that you’re not pregnant?” Indra smirked.  “No one believes that–your boobs aren’t normally any bigger than mine!  So cut it out.  It’s disgusting.”

Daria tossed her hands up and was going to say something, but instead, she got up and walked away from the table.  Darren was very upset with Indra.  “I can’t believe you’d treat Daria that way.  You should be ashamed of yourself.”

Persephone convinced Daria to come back to the table, just as Ricky said, “Yeah, Indra, you should be ashamed of yourself.”

“Excuse me!” she snapped at him.

“What about you, Ricky?  You should be ashamed of yourself for not telling anyone when Skylar was with you.”

“I tried!  I went to your house, and you were just kissing Don and acting like the world revolves around you all the time,” Ricky defended himself.

Persephone interrupted and asked again, “You’re still seeing Don?”

“What?  Were you trying to make me run him off?” Indra wanted to know.

Darren took that moment to say, “Well, I’m very sorry to interrupt this interesting cat fight here, but I’ve got to go see Joshua and give an official statement.  It shouldn’t take too long, and the children will be home soon.”

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