The Chain Letter: Chapter 2

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“There you are!” Dacnis called out from across the Glade, just as her beloved reached into a hollow log.

“You surprised me,” Dhaval confessed when she caught up with him. He blushed and checked his hands for dirt while she caught her breath.

“I beg your forgiveness, m’lord,” Dacnis said as she bowed her head in respect to the King of the Fey. “I have news to share with you!”

When Dacnis pulled out her tablet, Dhaval became tense immediately. “I told you no cellphones or signals, Dacnis!” he scolded her.

“There is no signal on this one,” Dacnis promised. “It’s just that I received a message from Moonlight Falls, and I thought you would want to hear it.”

“You’ve received word from my homeland?” He looked so surprised.

Dacnis nodded and asked, “Shall I read the message to you, m’lord?”

“Yes, but please don’t address me that way, or shall I call you m’lady? You and I are equals,” he declared.

Dacnis couldn’t help but smile as she read the message to him.

“Hello. My name is Chester Swain and I live in Moonlight Falls with my daughter, Bailey Swain. A war is brewing between the Van Goulds–vampires–and the Wolffs–werewolves–and my daughter is caught in the middle of it all. I have discovered how to prevent this war from starting and I need your help! First, please write a classical music piece and entitle it ‘Bailey’s Lullaby.’ Next, locate a person with topaz colored eyes and tell him/her an Unbelievable Story about werewolves and vampires. Finally, order (or make) Love Potion #4 and drink it so that you draw the love out of my daughter’s relationship with the vampire Tristan Van Gould! In order to solidify your work, you must forward a letter to your closest friend. Please, you have only 4 days to complete this request and stop the war! If you complete this, you shall find your life full of peace. If you don’t, someone you love will be taken away from you, never to return.”

Dhaval listened carefully and didn’t say a thing until she put the tablet away and questioned, “Well, what do you think?”

“It’s partly true,” he answered her. He took a deep breath and explained, “The truth is that the war already began, and that’s why I’m living here, in exile… I always believed they would send an emissary, but I guess this is the best they could come up with.”

“I’m confused,” Dacnis told him. He invited her to lie with him in the meadow and watch the clouds.

“They’re trying to get in touch with a living descendant of the Fey—the one with topaz colored eyes, and of course I already found you,” Dhaval flirted with her as she rested in the flowers. He finally rested his head on the grass next to her, and continued to explain the strange message she’d received. “I’m the one who must tell you an unbelievable story about werewolves and vampires, and your task will seal Bailey’s love for Tristan Van Gould.”

“So I wont do it then,” Dacnis vowed.

“Oh, but you must!” he pleaded with her. “You see, the werewolves are the greatest allies of the Fey. Without their protection, vampires hunt us mercilessly. Unfortunately, when the war broke out between the vampires and the wolves, our protectors were weakened…”

Dacnis stood up and said, “I understand now, Dhaval. If I can seal Bailey’s love for Tristan, the vampires will be distracted and the wolves will regain their strength.”

“Yes! The magical races will be in sacred harmony again, and we can return to our rightful world; where you and I will be married.”

A warm breeze moved through the Glade, and Dacnis breathed in the hearty fragrance of the trees with the lighter scent of the flowers in the meadow, swept up by the warm air. “If your kingdom is anything like this place, I will be so happy there… forever and ever!” she assured him.

Dhaval laughed. “Of course we’ll live happily ever after, my darling, that’s how all fairy tales go!” She joined him in laughter, then blew him a kiss.

He reached up and caught her kiss in mid air, to just hold onto it for a moment. “That’s cheating,” she teased him playfully.

“Not at all, I’ll need this to carry me through until I see you again. Good luck with your quest!”

Dacnis was especially nervous about writing a love song for Bailey and Tristan, even though Dhaval assured her that all Fey have special abilities with music and magic. She decided she would need some liquid courage before she could write a song!

The drinks at the Blue Velvet Lounge went down so smooth, and Dacnis was feeling great after three or four of them. She noticed that a lot of people would order drinks, then get distracted by someone and completely abandon their drinks, so she scooped them up and drank them. Eventually, a friendly woman suggested they drink together. “Drinking alone could give someone the wrong impression about you,” the red haired woman accidentally slurred her words.

“That’s all right,” Dacnis said, “people always have the wrong impression of me.”

“Is that so? Wha’do they get wrong?” her new friend wondered.

“I’m a fairy princess,” Dacnis answered.

The redhead laughed so hard she snorted and slapped her knee several times, while struggling to catch her breath and saying, “A fair… fairy! Huhaaha, oh my God, haha!”

“Don’t die over it,” Dacnis told her, feeling offended and embarrassed. She downed the rest of her drink and asked, “Hey, can I have your email address?”

“Sure… I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings,” her friend continued to laugh after she apologized. “That’s just so funny. Oh, I can’t wait to invite you to a party.”

“Mmm, thanks.” Dacnis didn’t think the redhead meant that in a nice way, but she didn’t care because she just needed someone to send an email to when she was done all her tasks.

When she ordered another round of drinks for herself, the bartender asked her, “Dacnis… should I have someone come and pick you up?”

“No, Debra! I’m fine.” She rolled her eyes at the nosey bartender. “I just needed some inspiration to write a special song.”

Finally she felt able to create the song, “Bailey’s Lullaby.” Dhaval was right about her natural talent, because everyone in the lounge was dancing or swaying to the music once she got into the melody. Dacnis was just glad to have that part done and over with, and she stumbled out of the bar around three in the morning. She was lucky to be able to walk across town in the condition she was in!

She was still hung over the next afternoon, when she had an appointment with her doctor. “Dacnis, you know you’re not supposed to be drinking,” the doctor reminded her with a disapproving voice.

“I know that, Doctor Voss, and I’m sorry,” she apologized. “I honestly didn’t even mean to drink, it’s just the only place that I know of where I could use a piano.”

“And why the sudden need to use a piano?” the doctor wanted to know.

Dacnis was very happy to explain the whole quest. She started with receiving the strange chain letter in her email, and then she shared what Dhaval told her about the werewolves and their alliance with the Fey. “Now I’m almost finished, Doctor Voss! I only need to find out how to make or purchase Love Potion #4.”

“Love Potion #4, you say?” Doctor Voss sounded genuinely curious.

“Yes… I know you have a pen pal in Moonlight Falls too. Perhaps you could get them to send a potion?” Dacnis suggested. “Or even just the recipe.”

“It’s true that I have a friend there,” Doctor Voss said slowly. “I would normally discourage this type of thing, Dacnis… but, maybe it’s true. I actually know how to make the potion myself.”

“You do?” Dacnis asked with enthusiasm. The doctor smiled and offered to bring the potion to her later in the afternoon.

When the doctor came to her room a short while later, Dacnis was surprised, but grateful. “I’m taking a big risk with this,” Doctor Voss said.

“I promise I wont tell anyone. I really appreciate all your help.”

“That’s my job, Dacnis… All right, now drink your love potion.”

She took a sip and the potion took effect almost immediately. She pounded back the rest of the potion and felt the room start to spin. She was confused and disoriented, but managed to get into bed before she lost consciousness.

Dacnis went into a deep and dreamless sleep for hours. When she finally woke up, it took a few minutes for her to pull her thoughts together again, and realize that she was ready to send the email message and meet with Dhaval in the Glade. She got dressed, and quietly slipped into the doctor’s office to use the computer.

She logged into her personal email account and quickly selected a random message from her inbox to forward to her drinking companion, and included the note, “I thought you might be interested in this information. Sorry I wont be able to attend your party.”

Just before hitting the send button, Dacnis paused to think it all through. “I’m sure this message wont make any sense to her, but whatever. I don’t think that’s necessary…” Having convinced herself that it didn’t matter, she sent the message and logged off the computer.

As she emerged from the office, she was startled by a man’s voice saying, “Hey you!” Thankfully she saw that it was just another patient, who was known to enjoy talking to the wall. She breathed a sigh of relief and hurried passed him.

She rushed down the stairs and managed to slip out the back door of the clinic without being seen or interfered with in any way. Then she ran as fast as she could toward the sacred tree behind the shipping yard. The sun was setting and Dacnis did not expect the tree to give her any troubles, but it was closed up tight when she reached it. Finally she was able to convince the tree to open up and let her meet with the exiled King of the Fey.

When she entered the Glade, Dhaval wasn’t waiting for her in the meadow as she’d expected. “He promised to meet me right here,” she said to herself, which only reinforced the growing sense of panic in her heart. She called out for Dhaval and began searching for him along the borders of the forest.

“Where are you?” Dacnis called out when she reached the darkest corner of the Glade, but the forest beyond was silent in response. “Did I do something wrong?” she asked herself as she turned back toward the Glade.

She refused to give up her search for her true love, and soon found herself in an unfamiliar area after following a sparkle that she misidentified as seeds in a ray of sunshine. As she approached them, they turned out to be tiny sprites.

They appeared to be playing or dancing with the butterflies over some flowers, but Dacnis hoped they would be able to communicate with her and tell her where the King had gone. “Have you seen the King?” she asked, and the brilliant white sprite laughed and flew away from her.

Under a nearby tree, a pink sprite beckoned her. “You’re the Queen!” the sprite greeted her when she approached it.

“Where is the King, do you know?” Dacnis asked.

The sprite told her, “The King left and has not returned.”

“Do you fear for his safety?” she asked nervously.

The tiny sprite was confused because it didn’t understand the concept of fear. The sprite replied, “There is no fear, only love.” As Dacnis thought about the sprite’s words, she looked back across the Glade. The center was full of sunshine and beauty, while thick fog and shadows lurked beyond the borders of the forest. She decided to trust love and forsake fear when she returned to wait for her beloved in the sunny meadow.

~ The End.

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  1. Jes2G says:

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    This was wonderful. The pictures in the Glade, so beautiful. Love the idea of using actual fairies. This had just the right amount of mystery in the ending too. Fantastic job!!

    • Thank you! I wanted to layer some mystery in there, so I’m glad you appreciated that. I had something quite different in mind until I learned what message my sims were receiving 😀 This was a great project and I definitely look forward to future rounds, when I’ll get to participate again.

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    So beautiful! I love this! I love the mood, the visuals, the characters, the mystery, and the message!

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    I hope you continue with these characters! I’m positively intrigued by the doctor’s office, the clinic, the other patient, all the implications there. I want MORE!

    • Thanks! I’m tempted to keep the characters–the doctor and clinic were created months ago as part of Uncertainty Principle and its spin-off (coming soon), so both will be seen in those stories. I’m thinking of how I can work these special characters into my game, but I haven’t figured out a good place for them yet 😉

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