Simlish Music

My husband has recorded a couple of simlish songs, with a little help from me and my sims 😉  His artist name is Error Code 12.  Here are some songs you can listen to and download for free if you’d like to add them to your game.

Fur Baluu ~ Error Code 12

Zib Zib ~ Error Code 12

Zorla ~ Error Code 12

Tiga Tora ~ Error Code 12

Please feel free to leave feedback on this page if you’d like to comment on the songs!  I hope you enjoy them.

These songs are also available in the widget in the sidebar, so you can listen to them while you read my stories, if you like 😉

You can also watch the videos I’ve made.

Fur Baluu video

Zorla video

Zib Zib video

Tiga Tora video