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Here you will find details and links to the Sims Stories I’ve posted in this blog.  Each link will take you to the Story Log or Table of Contents for the story you selected, where you can easily find any chapter and pick up where you left off, if you’ve been reading a story already.

Uncertainty Principle
Genre: Science Fiction
Description: A quantum mechanical serial drama that follows several families and powerful Dynasties. Some high strangeness is abound in this Sims 4 tale.

An Outdoor Retreat (Prologue to ‘Toy Soldiers’)
Genre: Romance
Description: A short story and review that follows an anonymous couple as they explore their relationship in an exciting, new location in the wilderness.

The Black Widow’s Legacy ~Season Two~
Genre: Romance/Drama
Description: Johnny & Katerina return but Katerina suffers memory loss. Her successful recovery depends on the love and support of her enigmatic husband.

The Black Widow’s Legacy ~Season One~
Description:  The tale of Katerina Romanova and Johnny Coldtrain begins with Sims 3; as part of a Legacy. Season 2 is made with Sims 4; but Romance genre.

Additional stories

The Black Widow Chronicle

The Alien Diaries

The Frost Legacy

Supernatural Gameplay

Seasons Gameplay

Isla Paradiso’s Iconic Model Challenge


Thank you for checking out my stories!  More will be added in the future.


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