An Outdoor Retreat

This is the story log for An Outdoor Retreat, a short story that doubles as a gameplay review. Below you will find links to each part of the story. The links open in a new window, to make it easier for you to find and pick up where you left off. After finding the part you wish to read, you can follow the navigation links located at the top and bottom of each post. Look for the “Continue reading…” link to read the story without any other blog posts interrupting the story.

Part 1 ~ Arriving in Granite Falls
Part 2 ~ A Moody Morning
Part 3 ~ Meeting the Bear
Part 4 ~ Getting The Retreat Back on Track
Part 5 ~ Discovery and Danger
Part 6 ~ Saving & Enjoying the Forest
Part 7 ~ At the National Park
Part 8 ~ Surprises & Perspectives
Part 9 ~ Last Day in Granite Falls
Part 10 ~ The Romantic Finale

Thanks for reading!

This story has been a Prologue for the characters used to demonstrate the “Outdoor Retreat” DLC Game Pack for Sims 4. When the full length story begins, I will link it here, and link to this story in the Table of Contents for the new story that will come soon to this blog! Thank you so much for your support and encouragement 🙂