Isla Paradiso’s Iconic Model Challenge

Here is the story log for the Isla Paradiso’s Iconic Model competition.  This story also includes an interactive giveaway contest, where readers get to vote each week on the models and win great prizes.  The readers will determine which model gets kicked out of the house each week.  Check the first post for more details about the contest, which is open until September 1, 2013.

Below are links to each episode of the story.  Click the link for any episode and the post will open in a new window.  At the bottom of each episode post, there will be a link to the next post in the story (if published) so you can easily continue reading the story without returning to the story log or reading unrelated blog posts that were published between story posts 😉

Episode 1: Introduction and First Vote
Episode 2: Fan Favourite
Episode 3: Charisma Skill Challenge
Episode 4: Week 1 Elimination Vote
Episode 5: Week 2: First Eviction
Episode 6: Athletic Challenge
Episode 7: Week 2 Elimination Vote
Episode 8: Week 3 Eviction
Episode 9: Week 3 Dance-Off!
Episode 10: Week 3 Elimination Vote
Episode 11: Week 4 Eviction
Episode 12: Skill Challenge in France
Episode 13: Week 4 Elimination Vote

Thank you for reading and thank you to all the readers who participated in the voting and giveaway contest!

Iconic Model Challenge Rules & Guidelines

If you would like to play the Iconic Model Challenge in your game, here are the basic rules  and guidelines for the gameplay challenge.

Basic Requirements

– Sims 3 base game and World Adventures expansion pack
– 7 model sims (typically young adult human female sims, but you can modify this as long as all the models are the same age, gender and species.)
– 1 photographer sim (can be any age, gender, and species.)
– any house with enough beds for 8 sims (typically a fancy house with multiple bathrooms and plenty of entertainment options.)
– a camera for the photographer sim (you may use cheats for this requirement and purchase the camera from the “buydebug” menu if you wish)

Concepts & Rules

The concept of the challenge is to have the models compete with one another in weekly skill challenges and photo shoots.  The weakest model (based on photographs produced that week) will be eliminated each week.  If you’re playing by yourself, you will choose the weakest model to remove from the competition.  (I’ve selected to have my readers vote on the models each week and I added a giveaway contest to this part of challenge.)  The challenge continues for six weeks, and one model is eliminated each week until there is only one model remaining.  Models who are eliminated from the challenge are kicked out of the house immediately after weekly model evaluations (See weekly schedule below.)  The last model remaining is declared the Iconic Model.

The model sims are left on Free Will most of the time, except for certain aspects of the skill challenges and during photo shoots.  (See below.)

The model sims are not permitted to leave the model house except to participate in skill lessons, photo shoots, and to celebrate skill challenges.  (See below.)

The model sims are permitted to earn lifetime happiness points for fulfilling wishes  and purchase lifetime rewards with those points.  You are free to promise any of the models’ wishes that are likely to be fulfilled during the course of play.

Money cheats are permitted, and the “hideheadlineeffects on” cheat is also recommended, at least during photo shoots.  This will remove thought bubbles and the plumbob that shows up over the active sim’s head during gameplay, and will assist you in the photo shoots.  You may also use cheats to get the camera for the photographer sim, but you cannot use cheats to assist any of the models or the photographer with their needs during the challenge.

If you have the Seasons expansion pack installed, you can select the type of weather you feel is appropriate for the challenge, but you are not permitted to use cheats to change the weather.  If bad weather happens during an outdoor photo shoot, the models and the photographer will have to work with it as best as they’re able.  True professionals will not be hampered by bad weather 😉

You should select a room in the model house to display the photos of the models each week.  I like to use a digital photo frame to display the collection of photos of each model, but you can also just hang the best weekly photos of each model on the wall by themselves, if you prefer.  Hanging the photos on the wall is the best way to judge the quality of the photos when it comes time for elimination, and the model sims often enjoy looking at their own images or reminiscing about a friend who has left the competition.  A good location for displaying the photos would be a main hallway or livingroom.

Weekly Schedule

Monday: the weekly skill challenge is announced and the models are given a lesson to get them started (in some cases the lesson is a class taken at one of the local businesses, and other times it will be an outing to an appropriate location, such as the dance studio to learn dancing skill, etc)
Tuesday: makeovers and a photo shoot
Wednesday: Free Day & preparations for skill challenge
Thursday: skill challenge evaluations and rewards
Friday: makeovers and photo shoot
Saturday: model evaluations and eviction
Sunday: Free Day

Rules & Rewards for Skill Challenges

At the start of the gameplay challenge, you will select 6 skills that you feel an Iconic Model must possess.  You will have to select the skills that are available in your game, depending on which expansion packs you have installed.  A good example of the skills would be: Charisma, Athletic, Logic, and talents such as Painting, Dancing (a hidden skill) or musical skills.  You pick the 6 skill challenges at the beginning of the challenge and write them down somewhere so you wont forget, but you cannot instruct the models to develop that skill until that particular skill challenge is announced.

You can control the model sims to attend their class or lesson time on Mondays, to prepare for their skill challenge on Wednesdays, and to perform the skill challenge on Thursdays.  How the skill is evaluated will depend on the skills you’ve selected.  Typically the evaluation will require the models to demonstrate their skill and be scored based on their performance in that demonstration.  You will also take into account their overall level in the skill.

Once all the models have had their skill evaluation, you will select the sim who gained the highest level in the skill and demonstrated the skill best during the evaluation.  The winner of the weekly skill challenge will be rewarded with a special outing.  The winner gets to pick one of the other models to accompany her and the photographer on the reward outing.  The reward outing can be anything you like, but visits to local nightclubs, art galleries, or even attending a party are all good rewards for the models.

During the reward outing, the photographer will take a bonus photo of the skill challenge winner to add to her portfolio and give her a third photo for consideration at the end of the week.  A third photo can really give an edge to the model during the next model evaluations, so this is the true reward of the skill challenge and the reason the models work so hard to win 😉

Photo Shoot Guidelines

You get to select the time of day, location and theme of the photo shoots.  The models will get a special outfit, hair style and make-up job that suits the theme of the photo shoot.  It is important that each model tries many different looks and styles during the competition in order for you to discover which model is truly the most versatile and talented overall.  You should do your best to make the models look fantastic for the photo shoots, but do experiment with different hair styles and make-up jobs.

You do not have to permanently change the models’ looks during their makeovers.  To add an extra outfit, send the model to the nearest dresser to plan an outfit.  Click on the category of outfit you wish to add, then click on the plus symbol beneath the current outfit in order to add another one.  Each sim can have up to three outfits planned for each category, so you will be able to keep their original outfit if you wish.  You can also keep their regular hair and make up–simply instruct the sim to change outfits into the new outfit you’ve given her for the next photo shoot, then send her to the mirror to change appearance.  When you’re in the hair and make-up studio, click on the Lock icon above hair styles or make-up options to unlock the style you select.  That will make the hair style or make-up job you give them for the next photo shoot only show up when they wear the outfit you’ve given them for that photo shoot.  (The models will continue to wear their usual hair and make-up job with all other outfits as long as the lock icon is set to “unlock” when you change their appearance.)  A model can also choose to keep her make-over as her default look by clicking the Lock icon above the hair or make-up job.

Prior to the photo shoot, you can control the model sims to take care of their needs.  It’s a good idea to make sure everyone goes to the bathroom and has at least a little snack before the photo shoot so they can perform well and work the shoot for several hours.  You can also set up and modify your photo shoot locations to suit your needs.  For example, I added special effects machines (with fog effects) and “buydebug” lighting to the graveyard for the “gothic” themed nighttime photo shoot.  However, once the models arrive on location/set, you cannot modify the location/set at all, so you need to plan ahead when designing your photo shoots.

It is important to put your models to the test during their photo shoots.  Set up shoots at different times of the day and night, and use indoor and outdoor locations.  Be as creative as you can with your photo shoots in order to get the maximum amount of fun from this gameplay challenge 😉

Send the entire household as a group to the photo shoot.  If any of the models fail to attend the photo shoot with the group due to routing failure, send the model to the shoot as soon as you realize she did not travel with the group as intended.  This may result in that model leaving the shoot early because she will not be officially included in the group, but that’s what she gets for failing to travel with the group 😉  All models who successfully travel with the group will be prevented from leaving the photo shoot early because you will get a pop-up message if any sims attempt to leave the group, and you can control the sim to keep her at the photo shoot.

Photo shoots will last as long as required to get great photographs of each model.  This can be anywhere from four to nine hours, depending on the number of models participating in the shoot.  During the photo shoot, you will control the photographer most of the time and be taking in-game photographs with the camera throughout the photo shoot.  You are permitted to instruct the models to move around or perform tasks during the photo shoot in order to get beautiful, interesting and artistic shots.  You are not permitted to use any custom poses, game mods or cheats that would allow you to specify a model’s pose for the photographs.  You must rely on the models to produce good photos naturally.  The photographer sim can move around and take photos of the models from any angle possible for the photographer.

Take as many photos during the photo shoot as you can before your sims get too tired or hungry to continue, and do your best to get beautiful shots of each model.  At the end of the photo shoot, you will select the best photo of each model taken during that shoot and add it to the model’s personal portfolio.  (Using a digital photo frame for each model is a good way to keep the portfolio together.  Just add the new photo to the frame for each model after the photo shoot.)  The photographer can sell the extra photographs that will not be used in the weekly model evaluations, or you can keep them to decorate with.  Extra photos cannot be considered during model evaluations.  Each model will be judged based on her best photo from each of the weekly photo shoots (the skill challenge winner gets one extra photo from her reward outing, for a total of  3 photographs to be considered during model evaluations.)