Supernatural Gameplay story log

Here you will find links to all the posts in my Supernatural Gameplay story.  These links will open in a new window, allowing you to easily find where you left off and continue reading along.  Please note: this story continues under the Seasons Gameplay title after I added the new expansion pack.

Part One – Introducing Angelina, Billy, Reece and Gayle
Part Two – Billy and Angelina get together; Gayle experiments with magic
Part Three – Babies, werewolf pack, fairy tricks and zombie glitches
Part Four – Supernatural children, monsters and mayhem
Part Five – Malina, Karina and Damien have birthdays
Part Six – The family moves to a new mansion and has some issues
Part Seven – Lost time, hobbies, alchemy, young love, parties and graduation
Part Eight – Karina graduates, Damien’s training, Malina’s wedding & Chandra’s birth
Part Nine – Adoring Chandra, Karina gets married and partying with Grimmy
Part Ten – The twins, Malina’s marriage fails, Loki and Selene’s birthday
Part Eleven – the kids, Damien’s wedding, Malina and Darian fighting
Part Twelve – catching fireflies, new baby, family life, dealing with gardening bug, etc
Part Thirteen – twins become teens, Élodie ages up, etc
Part Fourteen – special moments with Grimmy, family life, etc
Part Fifteen – Chandra and Deon, graduation, sudden death, etc
Part Sixteen – the teens, Chandra’s wedding, haunting, etc
Part Seventeen – the twins grow up and graduate, a new heir, etc
Part Eighteen – Damien and Kerry, Zinnia is born
Part Nineteen – family life, Zinnia’s birthday
continues in Seasons gameplay