The Black Widow Chronicle

Welcome to the story log for The Black Widow Chronicle.  Below you will find links to each chapter to assist you in picking up where you left off, if you are following the story.  Each link opens in a new window, and there is a link at the bottom of each chapter that takes you to the next chapter.

Chapter One – Black Widow arrives in town and finds true love
Chapter Two – The newlyweds get adjusted to married life
Chapter Three – The newlyweds go on a honeymoon to Egypt
Chapter Four – The conclusion of the honeymoon
Chapter Five – The couple have their first fight
Chapter Six – Trouble in Paradise
Chapter Seven – Death pays a visit
Chapter Eight – The baby is born
Chapter Nine – Family life
Chapter Ten – Starting a family business
Chapter Eleven – The jewel heist
Chapter Twelve – Yulia’s first birthday
Chapter Thirteen – Black Widow’s dark side in action
Chapter Fourteen – A second honeymoon in France
Chapter Fifteen – The conclusion of the trip to France
Chapter Sixteen – Death returns and Yulia has another birthday
Chapter Seventeen – Yulia’s first day of school
Chapter Eighteen – Family times
Chapter Nineteen – A new family member
Chapter Twenty – A romantic date
Chapter Twenty-One – Adventures in an elevator
Chapter Twenty-Two – Busted again!
Chapter Twenty-Three – Every parent’s nightmare
Chapter Twenty-Four – A day without Yulia
Chapter Twenty-Five – A family in distress
Chapter Twenty-Six – A family in ruins
Chapter Twenty-Seven – Family reunited
Chapter Twenty-Eight – A party for Yulia
Chapter Twenty-Nine – The new baby
Chapter Thirty – Trial and Yulia’s birthday
Chapter Thirty-One – Alexei’s birthday
Chapter Thirty-Two – Boredom strikes
Chapter Thirty-Three – A big life change
Chapter Thirty-Four – Getting settled in
Chapter Thirty-Five – Funniest party ever

***UPDATE: If you’ve been waiting to read more of The Black Widow Chronicle, please stay tuned!  The follow-up story to The Black Widow Chronicles will soon be published here in this blog!  The sequel is called “The Black Widow’s Legacy” and the prologue for the story will answer all of your questions about Natasha, Cesar, and Yulia Romanova, plus take you through the generations that came after them.***

Thank you for reading!

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