The Black Widow’s Legacy ~Season One~


Below you will find links to each chapter in the story, and the chapters will open in a new window.  Each chapter in the story will have a link to the next chapter, to allow you to easily continue reading from where you left off.  Please note: this is the sequel to The Black Widow Chronicle, so you may wish to read that story first, although this story does stand alone.

Prologue ~ Romanova Family History
Chapter 1 ~ Katerina Meets Johnny
Chapter 2 ~ Katerina and Johnny’s First Date
Chapter 3 ~ Katerina tells her family about Johnny
Chapter 4 ~ Romantic third date
Chapter 5 ~ Birthday/Going-Away Party
Chapter 6 ~ Katerina and Johnny get serious
Chapter 7 ~ Johnny surprises Katerina
Chapter 8 ~ The Burglary
Chapter 9 ~ Katerina visits her grandmother
Chapter 10 ~ Good news and a great date
Chapter 11 ~ A surprise visit
Chapter 12 ~ Spending time with Yulia
Chapter 13 ~ Coping with Loss
Chapter 14 ~ Funeral and many text messages
Chapter 15 ~ Katerina meets with her BFF
Chapter 16 ~ Reunion and forgiveness
Chapter 17 ~ Meeting the parents
Chapter 18 ~ Wedding plans

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13 Responses to The Black Widow’s Legacy ~Season One~

  1. emilzydiva says:

    Just wondering when the next part will be up? Don’t need to rush things or anything, just wondering when to expect something! 😛

    • enkeli63 says:

      It could be today or tomorrow even 😉 I’m still feeling really rough but my vision has improved enough that I should be able to play at least a few hours each day now! I am going to play the Iconic Model Challenge first to get the contest back underway in time for Friday voting, and then I’ll be back to work on The Black Widow Legacy. Even if I cannot play the Legacy sims today, I do have material ready to write, so I would expect a new chapter today or tomorrow at the latest. Thanks for your support!!

      • emilzydiva says:

        Good to hear you’re getting better! I’ll keep checking back for more! 😀 health comes first! Don’t rush into things without being 100% sure that you are all better and ready to get the ball rolling again! Does that make sense? Just get better before you go play a full day on the computer ok? XD

      • enkeli63 says:

        It does make sense! It’s so hard for me when I have no idea how long it’ll take to get better. I’ve had these types of bad patches before and I’ve never been able to estimate how long it’ll take for it to resolve, and I get impatient waiting some times 😦 But I definitely cannot rush the Legacy. The story is far too important to me to do that, so I wont post a new chapter until I’m 100% because this one is just that important to me. I really thought I would be able to post another one on Friday or over the weekend, but I was wrong. Thank you so much for all your support! It really helps me to stay strong and keep my spirits up 🙂 {{{hugs}}}

  2. emilzydiva says:

    Enkeli i hope you are doing ok. I’ve not heard from you for a while and i’m getting a little worried! I hope everything is ok and that you recover a little quicker! I just want to know that you are alright and things are going ok! *hugs*

    • enkeli63 says:

      {{hugs}} Thank you so much! I’m recovering, but I still have some issues with my vision when it comes to very bright things, such as websites with a lot of white area. It gets very difficult to see the text after a little while. It’s also challenging for me to play some games like Sims 3 and SimCity. Right now, I’m only able to play games with darker screens and text, such as XCOM, so I’ve been playing that and making a Let’s Play video series for it 🙂 When I’m able to work with Sims for a while, I’m going to get back to my Legacy and also make some “Let’s Build & Decorate” videos 🙂 I’m not sure if I’m going to get Into the Future, though, because I’ve already pre-ordered Sims 4. If that game is crap, I’ll pick up Into the Future and give that a go… but I am really not sure about that one because EA will probably never patch the Sims 3 again after they release that, and I’m so sick of all their bugs… Anyways, I’m sorry to keep you waiting, but I promise to get back to simming as soon as my vision is totally back to normal! Take care 😉

  3. emilzydiva says:

    Oh that’s good to hear! Are you able to make your screen darker with settings? Does that help? Well i hope you get better soon! It’s really good to hear that you are recovering! *hugs*

    • emilzydiva says:

      Oh and… I hope it’s ok that i gave you a little shout out on my blog! Just a little thank you! 😀

      • enkeli63 says:

        Awww, thanks! I’m going to bookmark your blog to read it as soon as I’m able to 😀 I’m excited that you made one!!

    • enkeli63 says:

      Unfortunately, I can’t get relief by turning the brightness down on the monitor. I dropped it down all the way, but it’s still really, really bright for me right now. I’m not sure how long it’ll take for my vision to return to normal, but I hear this symptom will clear up on its own, so it’s just a matter of time 😉 {{hugs}}

  4. emilzydiva says:

    Thank you very much! 😀 😀 Hoping you will get better soon and will be able to get back into the daily routine of things here! *hugs*

  5. Louise says:

    Hi! Hope you’re allright! Just wanted to see if we can still expect more from the black widow legacy? I really hope so!

    • enkeli63 says:

      Yes, there will be more to come, but not with Sims 3. Ever since the announcement of Sims 4, I have been unable to play Sims 3. I will be continuing the Romanova family, along with several other families I’ve played in both Sims 2 and Sims 3, when I get Sims 4. The Romanova family story will continue, but there will be a slight gap in the timeline. I’m really excited to be able to continue playing with these characters, but I am even more excited with the opportunity to continue them in Sims 4. I’m really looking forward to playing Sims with an emphasis on the gameplay once again! I am also looking forward to sims with proper head proportions!! The fat headed Sims 3 sims have gotten on my last nerve, I swear 😛

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