Silly Sims Screenshot Contest

I decided that I should use the Contests category of my blog for something, even though Sims 4 doesn’t offer the same gifting opportunities that we used to have with Sims 3–that is ultimately a good thing!  I don’t think a store with premium prices on things we can’t even recolour would go over well in the current Sims environment.  However, there is still a perfectly good use for this category of my blog because I’m one of the admins of the community, and I can tell you about contests that are happening at the site!

Currently, there is a “Silly Sims Screenshot Contest” that just opened for submissions!  To enter, you must have an active member account in good standing at, because all entries need to be posted to your Member Blog on the site, and then you submit the link to your blog post in the contest thread to officially enter the contest.  This contest is looking for funny caption-worthy screenshots that are not edited or modified in any way (see the official rules for this contest in the Forums at and the winner will get bonus § points for promoting their story, and will have their image and the link to their blog or website published in the Public Area of the website; but any submissions may be used in upcoming “Caption This Image” contests (with full credit and linking to the member who captured it).

If you’ve got a great caption-worthy Sims 4 screenshot, you absolutely should enter it because you could be featured in an upcoming contest even if you don’t win this one 😉  It would be excellent exposure for your blog or website, and if your image is used for a caption contest, I think it would be really fun to see what all the writers in the community think up for your image too!

This contest will be open for submissions until Friday, March 27, followed by a week-long voting phase, and the results will be announced at on March 7th, 2015.

You can check out the results of previous contests by visiting and clicking on the “Contests” link in the Main Menu along the top of the page, or in the Public Area Navigation links on the right sidebar of the Public Area of the site.  (From the Member’s Area, first click on Public Area in the Main Menu.)

Good luck!!

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