Uncertainty Principle: Chapter 25

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Darren was excited and nervous about his wedding, but he couldn’t wait to share the big event with his closest friends!  The first guests to arrive were his best man, Joshua Lords, and their good friend, Ricky Jordan.  Strangely, when Darren came out onto the porch, he overheard Joshua and Ricky arguing, then both of them fell silent when he came through the door.

“What’s going on here?” Darren asked Joshua, as Ricky pushed by and went straight inside the Randall estate.  Darren added with amazement, “I don’t think I’ve ever heard you swear before, Joshua!  Care to repeat that?”

Joshua grumbled and explained, “Ricky just decided now would be a good time to reveal that he saw Skylar the day after she left your family!”

“What?”  Darren gasped.  By then, Ricky was already inside the house and couldn’t answer Darren’s question.

Joshua told him, “In all of Skylar’s activity, including public video cameras and service access of any kind, there was never a hint of activity after that afternoon.  How she could’ve reached Oasis Springs without using the Tube or being seen is a complete mystery.”  He sighed again, but with less anger in his face.  “Sadly, I can’t stay for your wedding now,” Joshua stated.

“I completely understand, and I really appreciate everything you’re doing to find her!” Darren replied.  “I wish I had a little more time to arrange this, but you know why…”

Joshua nodded and added, “It’s about time, too!”  Darren asked quickly about Clara and the baby, and Joshua announced, “We had a boy!  I thought it would be twins, but it just turns out he’s a little warrior or something.  We named him Tristan, after an ancestor of mine.”

“Well, now you have an official heir, so I’m thrilled for you!  Send Clara mine and Daria’s love.  When things settle down more, let’s get everyone together,” Darren suggested.  Joshua agreed and left the wedding party to search Ricky’s house with a team of crime scene investigators.

Darren went inside, and Daria greeted the next batch of guests who arrived: Persephone Marchand and Indra Moreau.  Daria was a little surprised by the way the other women were dressed, and she joked when she greeted them, “Darren did tell you it’s a wedding right, not a funeral?”

Indra scowled at her and Persephone said, “We don’t actually know that, do we?”

Daria maintained her poise and refused to let a few harsh looks ruin the happiest day of her life.  She sat down on one of the antique sofas in the front room and invited the ladies to sit with her.  “I know we haven’t had a chance to meet, but I appreciate you being here for Darren.”

As she walked by, Indra declared, “I’m here for Skylar, actually.”

“Thank you so much,” Daria said to Indra, with the most deliberately cordial smile.

Persephone interjected with her trademark flare, “I’m actually here for the open bar.”

Meanwhile, Ricky had already hit up the open bar, and was working on a stiff drink in the kitchen.  “How was I supposed to know she was missing?” Ricky asked himself out loud, although he wasn’t alone.  “She showed up acting crazy and I already heard about her messing around, so I thought you just had enough of her Drama Queen antics.”

Darren sighed, “I don’t want to talk about this right now, Ricky.  I’m trying to make my second marriage start the best way possible.  I cannot be wondering what might’ve happened if you’d contacted me or Joshua that day…”  He took a deep breath and added, “And I can’t be wondering where she is right now, or if she’s alive.  I have to bake a wedding cake here!”

“Why don’t you let the caterer do that?” Ricky wanted to know.

“Because the only caterer I trust is a guest, obviously,” Darren rolled his eyes at Ricky when he said it.

“Will you hate me,” Ricky wondered, “if she’s gone?  If something happened to her and I could’ve stopped it?  Do you already hate me–I never see you or Joshua anymore.”

In the front room of the house, the ladies were getting along much better already.  Persephone made the other women laugh with her jokes about being a drunken socialite, and she also complimented Daria on her music.  “You’ve heard my music?” Daria couldn’t hide her surprise.

Persephone nodded and explained, “I get in these moods sometimes and your album is my favourite to listen to on days like that.  You should sing that song, ‘Derelict Hearts’ after the wedding.  So romantic…”

“You think so?”  Daria felt so flattered, and felt hopeful that she would be able to make some friends at last, despite Indra’s demeanor.

Darren stood alone outside for a moment.  The gazebo in the backyard was done up beautifully for the wedding ceremony, and the view was especially picturesque.  He looked around and memorized every detail of the scene while trying to make sense of his own emotions.  He pretended he was inviting an invisible crowd, “Come and witness my spectacle!”  Finally he worked up the courage to begin the ceremony for real.

Indra and Persephone hurried to pass through the kitchen to the backyard, and Ricky was actually flirting with the caterer.  “You never change,” Indra pointed out as she walked by him.

Daria led the procession to the wedding arch, as is the custom in the District.  She wished she had close friends to be her true bridesmaids, but she was grateful to have new friends that cared about her husband and her step-children, at the very least.

As she climbed the steps to the gazebo, Darren turned around and they saw each other for the first time that day.  In an instant, Darren’s aching heart was filled with love and excitement once again, and he smiled at his bride.   “You look amazing!” he complimented her.  As she got closer, he looked back toward the river and said, “I hope you like the setting.”

“It’s so beautiful,” Daria replied, as the other women exited the house and began making their way to the gazebo as well.

There was a little chaos about seat selection, as there often is at weddings that don’t have specific seat assignments planned in advance.  Darren and Daria had only a few hours to plan their ceremony, so they didn’t mind the brief delay.  Darren took the opportunity to whisper to Daria, “Joshua had to leave; there could be a break in the investigation.”

“That’s great news,” Daria whispered back as the other women shuffled around and disagreed about seats.

“I’m sitting right here,” Persephone whispered.

“Fine.  I’ll sit on Darren’s side then,” Indra practically hissed.  As she turned her back, she could feel the sting of Persephone’s evil eye.

Indra ignored it–she didn’t care if Persephone got upset with her.  Weddings always make Indra cry, but only because they make her feel alone.  This time, Indra also felt like crying because her best friend’s life-as-she-knew-it was over, and she worried she’d never see Skylar again.

As she walked over to the groom’s side of the isle, Darren grabbed Daria to make-out with her like a love-sick little boy.  Indra struggled harder to keep her emotions in check.

“It’s a wedding; they love each other,” she reminded herself silently.  She took a seat and breathed in and out slowly a couple of times, until she felt a little stronger.

Darren said to his bride, “I’m sure you dreamed of something a lot nicer than this for your wedding.”

“No, it’s perfect!” Daria told him.  “Everything is so beautiful.  And then there’s you!”

Darren took Daria’s hand, saying, “And then there’s you,” before he kissed her hand gently.

The bride and groom were lost in each other, and their love was obvious to everyone in attendance, but Indra’s heart could not bear it.  In that moment, she thought of a thousand things she wanted to scream at them.  Then a little voice in the back of her head told her, “You’re as much to blame as anyone else–where were you when she needed you?”

Just as the bride and groom got into position to begin exchanging their vows, Indra bolted from the gazebo with hot tears streaming down her face.

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12 Responses to Uncertainty Principle: Chapter 25

  1. Jes2G says:

    Awww! I actually feel slightly sorry for Indra, but glad Darren & Daria are married now. I remember the first night Darren asked her to come by to watch the kids went Skylar went missing. I was like, “watch…they’re going to get married soon and those kids will be the happiest ever.” 🙂

  2. Jes2G says:

    It’s funny you actually made mention of the musical chairs that ALWAYS happens at weddings. In today’s chapter in my story, there’s this picture: https://pruettlegacy.files.wordpress.com/2015/02/01-31-15_8-07c2a0pm-2.jpg
    I can only assume that Myra is looking at everyone sitting on ONE side of the aisle and wondering why they all chose to sit in the back lol. That’s never happened before. Usually they all sit toward the front and are nicely spread on both sides of the aisle.

    • That’s so cute! Well, Indra never changed seats in the scene. They just sort of had to figure out where they were going to sit. I guess Indra wanted the spot Persephone went for, since she was going for it, but then she went over by Darren’s side because she’s so mad about Daria.

      • Jes2G says:

        I would be so happy if I ever found out that the geniuses at Maxis actually programmed that some kind of way. Like, whatever side the bride is on, if the people with the highest relationship with her sit on that side and vice versa. Not sure what to do about the people who stand the whole time, but…whatever. I read something in the GA forums from one of the gurus saying that there are more to our Sims that we know. One thing he mentioned was that Sims have handedness just like humans, and just like us, most Sims are right handed! Ever since reading that I wonder if EVERYTHING is programmed now lol.

      • You could be onto something. Like, I noticed Persephone accepted Daria being nice to her (friendly greeting) but Indra just wasn’t having it! Now, there’s nothing about her personality that would make her so cold and hostile. It has to be that she has real dislike of Daria because her BFF is Skylar? I don’t know, it just seems too perfect to just be an accident, right? Plus, I’ve had other things happen that shouldn’t really happen, but it’s beyond perfect–totally as if the game knows what is supposed to happen… *creepy music plays*

      • Jes2G says:

        lol, right! Those things are cool, and I would really love to think that they are purposeful. But then things that should happen because of programming don’t happen at all or don’t happen well…like jealousy. Drastic improvements need to be made in that area. Drastic!

      • I agree! I think that it should be easier for sims to just not “click” too, and I don’t mean romantic either. It should be like there’s just a small chance that a sim is predisposed to respond negatively to all attempts at positive interactions 🙂 I’d love that, to be trying my hardest and never be able to succeed! Sometimes it’s just too easy.

      • Jes2G says:

        This is true. Your scenario works very well romantically, but you’re right. It would be great if it worked in platonic relationships. There are two Sims I’ve been trying to get together for half of my Sims’ life (he’s still young lol), but she is just not very responsive to him, but they are the best of friends though.

      • I’ll observe and see if Indra will ever accept Daria or will she be negative always–I think it would be cool if she just has deep loyalty to her friend like that 🙂

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