Frost Legacy: A New Beginning

Josie started a career in show biz and had a brief relationship with famous director, Matthew Hamming.  He wasn’t husband material though, and Josie was far more interested in the executive butler she’d hired to help around the penthouse.  His name was Bertram Plunkett and he shared Josie’s love of classical music.  It didn’t take long for Josie to dump Matthew and start dating Bertram instead!

Destiny became good friends with Bertram pretty quick too, and everyone appreciated his awesome massages and brilliant advice!

For a little while, it took a lot of effort to keep Bertram from disappearing into thin air–some strange phenomenon that was known to swallow up whole sims from time to time.  Such care was focussed on keeping the world stable that few photos were taken of Destiny’s teen years.

Damned elevator!!

Destiny grew into a lovely young woman.  Unlike her adopted sister who yearned for the life of the rich and famous, Destiny wished to become a professional author.  She registered as a self-employed writer.

During that time, Josie’s fame grew considerably, and she was known to draw huge crowds whenever she went club hopping.

Most nights, Josie returned home around 4 am, sometimes even later, but Bertram always had something ready for her to eat.  They’d talk and sometimes dance until the wee hours of the morning, and sometimes they had more intimate encounters.

Still, Josie was taken by surprise when she discovered that she was pregnant.

Hopeless romantic that he was, Bertram was absolutely over the moon when Josie told him about the baby and proposed marriage!

It was at that time that Destiny was getting to know Wogan Hemlock, a married man she was introduced to at a house party.  Wogan was a heck of a dancer, and they were soon close friends.  Destiny asked him to turn her into a vampire one night when they were dancing at the exclusive Prosper Room lounge.

Unfortunately, Wogan’s criminal career kept him busy most nights, and Destiny wasn’t able to see him for a little while.  During that time, word spread around town about Destiny woohooing with Wogan in the elevator… which was quite true, and lead to a lot of bad blood between Destiny and Wogan’s evil wife, Morrigan Hemlock.

Josie’s busy life didn’t slow down just because she had a baby on the way, and she ended up giving birth to her daughter, Arianna, before she and Bertram could tie the knot.  The tabloids had a field-day with her over that, but she sued them and won a hefty settlement.  Afterall, she was engaged and had every intention of marrying her lover before the baby came!  Thankfully the judge agreed with her, and Josie’s reputation was spared.  Bertram was the most attentive and adoring father a sim could have!

Finally, Destiny’s metamorphosis was complete!

The vampiric thirst nearly overwhelmed her, but the shy author soon began prowling the streets of Bridgeport in search of life-sustaining plasma.

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  1. blaze024 says:

    love the start of it so far 🙂 keep it up babe

    • enkeli63 says:

      Thanks! It’s going to be hard raising two families in a penthouse with limited space, but this new legacy is wicked fun 🙂

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