Frost Legacy: A New Love

Sid had a birthday party, surrounded by his loving family and their most trusted friends.  Destiny was quite far along in her pregnancy, and Alexander shared her enthusiasm in seeing Wogan “live on” through this miracle child.

With precision timing, Destiny went into labour at the end of the party.  Sid was excited to get a new baby brother or sister for his birthday!  Although, he was a little apprehensive due to his mother’s painful cries.

Destiny gave birth to a girl, Willow Hemlock, and both of them made it through the delivery just fine… even with the terrible deformation of Willow’s head.  (snicker)

The family remained tightly knit and enjoyed a lot of special time together.  Most of the time, they partied and lived up to their famous reputation, but other times they just enjoyed chilling out at home.

Wogan returned periodically.

It was around that time when the family noticed their maid, Rosemarie Engel, seemed to have an obsession with Josie.  She worked hard most of the time, but she took photos of Josie constantly.

Turn-about is fair play.

Destiny continued hanging out with Alexander regularly.  They bonded through the death of Wogan, but eventually they started finding out more about each other and developed a deeper connection.

She wished to know his sign, and of course, they had a special astrological chemistry… and Destiny’s predatory instincts.

After an extremely embarrassing day on the set of her new movie, Josie was worried about scandals.  She approached Alexander upstairs and questioned him.  “So, you’re Destiny’s new boyfriend all of a sudden?  What are your intentions toward this family?”

He stood there looking stunned while Josie warned him about the ever-present paparazzi and vicious gossip.  She was sick and tired of bad publicity and false accusations.  She wasn’t sure Alexander could be trusted.

In other news, Bertram was finally promoted to astronaut!  He also received an invitation to do a cameo appearance in Josie’s latest movie.

Arianna and Sid were still best friends, despite their emerging differences.  Arianna appeared to develop a bit of a drinking problem.  She was prone to snatch a drink when no one was looking.

Although, who could blame her for the way she turned out?  Her mother was a party animal, and even when Bertram was still a butler, he would sneak off for drinks whenever the opportunity arose.  He hadn’t changed a bit either.

When he decided to take Arianna out for some father-daughter time, she pretended that it was her first time drinking!

After that… she had no cares left in the world!

Maybe she should dye her hair red?

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