Frost Legacy: Disaster Narrowly Averted

David and Destiny sat in silence after Morrigan’s ghost was scared off.  The children soon began gossiping and trying to guess who killed Morrigan.  Arianna and Sid both suspected Destiny.

David bravely brought up the topic of Morrigan with his father several times.

Bertram finally revealed the secret, but ordered David to keep it to himself.  David always obeyed the orders of his superiors.

That little secret made David an accessory to the crime and Willow was the only member of the family who was truly innocent.

Destiny told her closest friends about seeing Morrigan’s ghost, and it became an inside joke among her crowd.

Josie was often seen looking over her shoulder nervously, but most people thought she was just being cute.

Rosemarie, their ever faithful maid, seemed to think Josie was cute all the time!  Before leaving for his first mission to the new space station, Bertram had a little word with her and explained that her stalkerish behaviour was starting to frighten Josie.

Not two seconds later…

“Seriously!!  Zib zib!” Bertram shouted at her.

In other news, Sid was the master of all things he tried.  Being a daredevil like his father, he especially enjoyed playing with fire.

When Sid accidentally lit his bum on fire one morning, the babysitter on duty called the fire department and Rosemarie demonstrated her willingness to risk her own life for Josie and her family!

This act of unnecessary courage proved to the family that she could be trusted.  She had never once sold a single photo or uttered even a hint of gossip the entire time she worked for them.

Destiny ran into Belisama Hemlock, who was apparently permanently disfigured in the explosion.  She really liked Destiny regardless.

Destiny invited her to stop by when Willow has her next birthday, and promised to help Belisama get to know her half-brother and sister.

While Bertram was still away, Josie tried to stay relaxed and not freak out completely.

Meanwhile, Sid decided to try out his latest invention–the time machine!

Josie had a total meltdown when he stepped out of the thing.  She ranted about the dangers of time travel–which she was fully aware of, having been born in the past and all.  She scolded Sid and went on about conspiracies of the Illuminati and machine gods of some sort.  He thought that was total crazy talk!

But then the world imploded!  Josie and half of the residents of Bridgeport vanished into thin air.  Those who remained were mostly frozen in their steps, and Sid nearly wet his pants.  He didn’t waste any time in getting back into the time machine to go back to the moment before he invented the cursed contraption.

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