Frost Legacy: Get Over It

As he gazed into his widow’s loving eyes, Wogan confessed that he was growing weak and wouldn’t be able to stay much longer.  “Just hold onto me,” Destiny pleaded.  He tried with all his might, but after she fell asleep he quietly got up and returned to his urn.

Destiny woke up to a very harsh text message from Alexander, stating that Josie informed him about Destiny cheating.  She hurried downstairs and confronted Josie immediately.

“Why did you tell Alexander about me and Wogan?” she demanded to know.

Josie calmly explained that she didn’t think anyone deserved to be hurt that way, and she expressed deep sympathy for Alexander.

Destiny tried to convince Josie that it didn’t count as cheating because she and Alexander “were on a break.”  Josie didn’t fall for that old trick and made Destiny promise she would break it off with Alexander properly.

Damned elevator!

That night, Destiny tried to get Alexander to meet with her, but he flat out refused.  Josie offered to invite him over to facilitate the break up, and he accepted her invitation but then called right back to say something had come up and he couldn’t make it.  She was so frustrated and desperate to make things right with her sister that Destiny headed out to crash a house party looking for him.

Alexander wasn’t at the party, but she ran into an old acquaintance who hugged her and encouraged her to be strong.  That was sweet, and Destiny decided that woman should definitely be invited to their next party.  Then she thought to scope out Alexander’s apartment.

She let herself in and enjoyed some of his plasma juice while she waited for him.

Alexander was extremely upset when he finally arrived home.  He didn’t want to talk, but Destiny couldn’t put it off.  She tried to apologize to him for cheating on him, and he roared in anger at her.

“I’m sorry that I hurt you, but it’s better for both of us to just call it quits,” she said.

Alexander was heart-broken and he cried openly, then wondered if she would love him if he was dead like Wogan.

The next day was Arianna’s birthday.  When she got home from school, she was thrilled to say goodbye to the hassles of high school and homework forever.

The party was briefly interrupted when Alexander called to moan to Destiny about his broken heart.

She didn’t want to be cruel to him–they had some really lovely times together–but she wished she could tell him to just get over it all ready!

Arianna flirted shamelessly with Clayton after confirming that he was single.

At the same moment that she discovered they had strong astrological compatibility, Destiny’s acquaintance got very upset and started to cry.  For some reason, she thought Clayton was cheating!

The other woman broke down and cried–but she seriously needs to get over it!  If she had a romantic interest in Clayton and never pursued it, that’s her own problem.  Arianna ignored her and asked Clayton to be her boyfriend.

Obviously she wasn’t the only one who wanted Clayton, so she rushed things a lot and asked him to marry her.

He accepted and threw his arms around her.

They spent the rest of the party making out.  Later that night, Wogan returned.  He was upset about the rumours Josie started–who knew a ghost could be publicly disgraced?

Destiny helped him get over it!

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  1. blaze024 says:

    love the story babe 🙂 it just gets better and better the more I read it so keep it up hunnie 🙂

    • enkeli63 says:

      I’m preparing for tonight’s post–some spectacular events have gone down, so check for that later 😉

      When will you be updating your blog? *poke*poke*

  2. blaze024 says:

    will update it later today

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