Frost Legacy: Superficial Shutterbugs

Sid was thrilled to see his parents together again!  Josie and Bertram decided to move out of the house to make room for Wogan to rejoin the family.  They purchased a small home on the other side of the bridge.

Destiny and Wogan began planning their second wedding, but first, they needed to celebrate Wogan’s miraculous resurrection.  They partied for three days straight!

Meanwhile, Arianna’s pregnancy was progressing smoothly.  She received a free “Soothing Salvation” package at the salon, and all the stress of their recent brush with bugs just melted away.

The paparazzi were always trying to get pictures of Arianna during her pregnancy, but the tabloids were filled with positive stories about what a great mother she would be.

Willow was very confused about everything that had happened.  “I thought my Daddy was dead,” she wondered as she stared at the spot where Wogan had died.  She didn’t know how to feel, and her parents were too caught up in each other to help her understand it.  Mind you, neither of them knew how it had happened either.

Word spread around Bridgeport pretty fast and people began worshipping both Wogan and Destiny.

They were photographed everywhere they went, but neither of them minded the attention.  They appeared to thrive on it, in fact, and Wogan got his revenge on those who said he looked weird.

Okay, okay, enough of that!

Arianna went into labour in the middle of the night.

Shortly after sunrise, Arianna and Clayton became the proud parents of a beautiful baby boy.  He was named Shane Frost.

It was also Willow’s birthday.  That evening, her parents told her to blow out her candles and get ready for an awesome night on the town.

Everyone was looking forward to see what Willow would look like, and which parent she would take after the most.  Would she finally get rid of that unsightly bloodstain on her chin?

Willow ran to her room after blowing out her candles, and she felt extremely self-conscious about her looks.

Growing up with a facial defect had a negative impact on Willow’s self-esteem, and she would probably never be able to see her own beauty.  The plain truth is that she was the most stunning child ever born to the Hemlock family!

Willow and her parents went to the Grind to celebrate.  Bertram was at the club too.

The owners of the Grind should look into hiring a bouncer to keep weapons out of their club!

Willow found out what’s so fun about dancing on tables, and she mastered club dancing in just a few short hours.

The paparazzi were treated to a rare photo opportunity when Josie showed up at the Grind, and they overheard the famous sisters chattering about the upcoming wedding.

Life was pretty much one big photo op actually…  The world and all the sims in it never looked better.

Even Shane!!

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