Supernatural Gameplay part 3

Billy and Angelina wanted to start a family right after they were married.  They wanted a girl, so I had them try for a girl in the sauna.  They tried eleven times in a row, but Angelina would not get pregnant.  The wet dog smell moodlet was funny though!  I figured I better try Billy in human form, so in the morning, he changed back to human and they finally got pregnant!  I guess werewolves in wolf form cannot conceive.

I found Reece sitting on the side of the road, contemplating the meaninglessness of life, or something like that!  Brooding sims are funny.  She has lots of friends, but no romance in her life.  Poor thing.

A few days later, Angelina went into labour!

Billy was out doing stuff, so he had to meet up with her at the hospital.  They had twin girls!  I named them Malina and Karina.  Malina is a fairy and Karina is a werewolf.

Rocking a baby in the rocking chair is wonderful!  Fairy babies sparkle 🙂

I finally figured out how to get Billy to change other sims into werewolves.  The Cursed Bite interaction is sometimes under Friendly interactions, but sometimes it’s hidden under Special..Werewolf interactions.  I got Billy to invite one werewolf to the park, then he called each other one and invited them to the park too.  Then he has to ask them to join the pack, and if they’re not already in werewolf form, he needs to practice fighting with them first.  Finally he got a good sized pack together on the full moon and finished up his Leader of the Pack lifetime wish.

He also started eating raw fish after he learned how to fish!

Bonehilda is an excellent babysitter.  She took care of the babies most of the time.

Angelina is a really nice fairy and she rarely plays tricks on anyone, but she hates vampires, so she likes to embarrass them during parties.

She also likes to help Billy in his writing career by projecting her aura of creativity while he works on a novel.

The kids aged up to toddler stage and Malina got her wings.  Karina wasn’t a very cute toddler.

Sometimes fairy toddlers float briefly.

Werewolf toddlers can practice hunting and howl at the moon.

Of course, everyone loves the baby swing.  Bonehilda does not put them in the swing, but if they’re in it already, she doesn’t turn the speed on high.

Gayle finally got her flying vacuum cleaner!  That thing is super fast.

She ran into James again, the married man she likes.  They tried to have another date, but he’s a coward and he ran away as soon as he saw Bonehilda.

I made the mistake of saving and quitting the game during a full moon.  I didn’t know it was a problem, but afterward, Billy was stuck in werewolf form and zombies started coming out all the time.  Thankfully I still only get one at a time, and they really aren’t a problem for me.  The peashooter usually gets them.  But I did need to use the testingcheats to delete the Feral Change moodlet from Billy so he could change back to human form.  I read about this problem online and it is recommended that you do not save the game between 8 pm and 5 am of a full moon.

I think quitting during that time was the main problem, because the moon phase resets every time you load the game.  Anyhow, just don’t save the game until after the full moon is over, to be on the safe side.  Make a save just before nightfall on the full moon if you have crashing problems.

I picked up the new basketball set from the Sims 3 Store.  It’s a lot of fun, but I also recommend it for anyone having zombie troubles.  For a while, I thought my zombie problem was cured, but then I noticed they are usually in the corner of the yard playing basketball!  They don’t even notice the garden or other sims most of the time, they just want to play hoops!!  So if you have a zombie problem or want to have alternative ways to distract them from your garden, get the basketball hoop.  It’s a good athletic activity for your sims as well.

My sims also adopted a cat named Nova.  It helps the witch’s magic and everyone loves cats.  Angelina got the Queen of the Fae lifetime reward, which helps the fairies’ magic and allows them to summon other fairies and change their wing colour anytime they want.  I think I probably wont get this reward very often though because it does cause the sprites to swirl around her from time to time.  It’s a little annoying, but not as bad as the Eye Candy reward!  It might come in handy when she wants to make more fairy friends.  I haven’t decided how useful it may or may not be.

Next time I’ll show you a lot about child fairies and child werewolves.  Hopefully Gayle will sort out her romantic life, and perhaps Reece will finally find love too.  Stay tuned for the next update!

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